Commercial Cooking Equipment

1000 Watt Commercial Microwave Ovens

When it comes to commercial microwaves in Canada, Celcook has a variety of options to suit every commercial kitchen’s needs! Celcook’s 1000-watt commercial microwave ovens cover a wide range of food warming and reheating needs.

Our Products

CEL1000D Dial

1000 Watt Commercial Dial Timer Microwave Oven - 0.8 cu.ft.Maximum cook time of 60 minutes

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Commercial microwave ovens


1000 Watt Commercial Touch Pad Microwave Oven – 0.8 cu. ft. 5 power levels, 3 Stage cooking

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Commercial microwave ovens


1.2 cu. ft., 1000 watts, very quiet operation, excellent cooking results, 5 power levels.

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Commercial Microwave Oven Features

Choose your oven’s size, cooking power, and user interface. All of them offer:

Quiet operation

No matter your business environment, you’ll hardly hear our food warming equipment when it’s operating.

Energy efficiency

Powerful but conservative, these commercial microwave ovens offer high heat but low energy usage.


Commercial ovens in Canada are an easy way to provide your guests with a variety of food offerings, as you can heat or cook almost any type of food in these units.

Quick, easy cleaning

Clean lines and smart design make cleaning a breeze. You can easily access all areas of your commercial microwave to ensure your food warming equipment is always clean and sanitary.

Easy operation

Whether your commercial microwave will be for staff-use or will be available for guests to use and re-heat their food - simplicity and convenient operation are ‘must-haves’. Celcook ovens are designed for maximum ease of use.

Quality construction

Celcook commercial microwaves boast stainless steel construction for visual appeal and durability.

High-Quality Commercial Cooking Equipment From Celcook

Celcook is committed to customer satisfaction. We promise that your new food warming equipment will support the success of your professional kitchen. To find the perfect commercial microwave oven for your kitchen’s needs, contact Celcook today.