Month: February 2018

The Differences Between Domestic and Commercial Microwaves

While there are still some businesses that try to use domestic microwaves in their commercial kitchens, they quickly realise that household microwaves don’t cut the mustard! Commercial microwaves are specifically designed to meet the demands of professional kitchens. For instance, commercial microwaves are built differently than typical domestic microwaves to ensure that they can withstand heavy usage and a higher volume of food. They also provide a larger number of power settings compared to their household counterparts. If you’re still not sure why domestic microwaves don’t have the reliability and efficiency your professional kitchen needs, consider these key factors: Read More ›

What Your Commercial Kitchen Needs To Keep Food Warm

Did you know that the temperature in the air can affect the temperature of the food dishes you serve? Not only do colder winter months mean that you need to ensure your food establishment is comfortable and warm, but you should also consider how food warming equipment can help to ensure that the food your customers eat is also kept at the right temperature. Read More ›