Month: July 2018

Why Your Professional Kitchen Needs A Pizza Oven

Whether you are running a café, coffee shop, or a restaurant, or another type of professional kitchen, quality commercial cooking equipment is essential to run a successful business in the food industry. If you own a pizza shop or feature pizza on your menu, one piece of commercial food equipment to consider purchasing is a pizza oven. Here are some important factors to consider when purchasing a pizza oven for your kitchen: Read More ›

Cook Rice Perfectly And Quickly In Your Commercial Microwave Oven

There are many benefits to cooking rice in a commercial microwave oven. Cooking rice in a microwave is much faster and more convenient than using a stovetop – all you have to do is set your microwave, let the rice cool, and it’s ready for your guests to enjoy! Cooking rice in the microwave also results in less clean-up, as it only requires one cooking dish. Keeping in mind all these benefits, here is how you can use your commercial microwave oven to cook rice perfectly every time: Read More ›