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Month: December 2018

Introducing The Newest Members Of The Celcook Family: The Rocket & Copa Express

Celcook is excited to announce the newest additions to our line of high-speed restaurant ovens and high-quality commercial microwaves: The Rocket Express and the Copa Express. Our goal is to help professional kitchens find the best commercial cooking equipment for their kitchens, and one of the ways we are meeting this goal is by continuously providing new, upgraded commercial kitchen equipment to serve you better. Here is just a small sample of what our newest high-speed restaurant ovens will bring to your kitchen: Read More ›

The Holidays Have Arrived: Delight Your Guests With These Cranberry Dishes

The holidays have arrived and this is a professional kitchen’s busiest time of year! It’s time to get your menu ready and your game face on. With crowded dining areas and busy kitchens this holiday season, it’s important to have dishes ready for your customers to be served in a timely manner. Here are two dishes you can quickly whip up with your professional kitchen equipment using one of the holiday’s most popular ingredient – cranberries! Read More ›