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3 Food Safety Tips When Using Professional Kitchen Equipment

3 Food Safety Tips When Using Professional Kitchen Equipment

Running a commercial kitchen can be a lot of work, from managing staff to ensuring that you are keeping guests satisfied. But one of the most important things to keep in mind for running a high-quality kitchen is to ensure your guests and employees safe. A guest or employee getting sick (or worse) can lead to negative reviews, or even worse, getting your business completely shut down.

It’s important to ensure that your kitchen is meeting or exceeding professional health standards and your staff is following all the rules in maintaining a safe and clean kitchen. Here are just a few food safety tips your employees should be implemented when using professional kitchen equipment:

1. Good Hygiene And Handwashing

  • Good hygiene and handwashing are especially important for keeping everyone safe and stopping the spread of bacteria and germs that could make others sick.
  • You should be promoting good hygiene and handwashing constantly by providing your employees with a dedicated handwashing station for them to use.
  • This will minimize cross-contamination and let your employees have clean hands before touching any food, whether it be meat or vegetables.
  • Even the smallest amount of bacteria can make someone sick if it’s on a piece of food, so hand washing for at least 20 seconds under running water after soaping up well is key.

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2. Cook Food At The Right Temperature

  • Make sure that your staff is aware of the guidelines to follow as well as how to properly use the commercial kitchen equipment in order to ensure they are cooking food to the proper temperature.
  • Any type of meat being prepared and cooked in a commercial kitchen should be checked with a meat thermometer for proper temperature.
  • For different types of meat, you should use different meat thermometers in order to prevent contamination of cooked meats by raw meats.

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3. Clean And Sanitize On A Regular Basis

  • Your kitchen staff needs proper workstation and commercial kitchen equipment in order to do their job satisfactorily. Therefore, it is important that high cleaning and sanitization standards are being followed.
  • Clean and sanitize your kitchen on a regular basis by using hot soapy water or a small amount of commercial bleach or cleaner on cutting boards, dishes, countertops and more.
  • Your professional kitchen equipment should also be cleaned properly as well by following the instructions in the manufacturer guidelines.
  • If you are unsure, it is also a good tip to ask your local health department what they require when it comes to food preparation and sanitation.

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