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3 Professional Dishes You Can Cook In A Microwave

3 Professional Dishes You Can Cook In A Microwave

Whether you are operating a café, coffee shop, restaurant, or another type of professional kitchen, commercial food equipment, such as a microwave, is an essential piece for reheating, defrosting, and steaming foods. Most people tend to associate microwaves with food products such as frozen dinners and pizza, but there are actually other types of food served in professional kitchens that can utilize a commercial high-speed restaurant oven to speed up the cooking process, compared to other professional kitchen equipment. Here are three dishes that even the most professional chefs will cook in a microwave:


Any food business that is open during the wee hours of the morning (or offers their customers all-day breakfast) is going to love seeing this on the list. Gemma Stafford, a Los Angeles-based professional chef and founder of Bigger Bolder Baking, shares this as one of her favourite microwave cooking hacks over utilizing traditional professional kitchen equipment. “Make sure to whisk up your eggs well before cooking and keep your eye on them so they don’t overcook,” says Stafford, who also shares about cooking scrambled eggs in the microwave when she was growing up.


Rich Vellante, executive chef of Legal Sea Foods and lobster connoisseur, swears by cooking lobster in the microwave instead of traditional methods utilizing other commercial kitchen equipment. “Microwaving allows the flesh to steam in its own juices and the lobster meat is rendered juicy, tender, and exceptionally flavourful,” shares Vellante. He recommends placing the live lobster in the freezer for 20 – 30 minutes to dull it first, then placing the lobster on a microwaveable plate with the rubber bands around the claws removed. He also recommends putting half a lemon and 2 tablespoons of water on top first, before microwaving on the highest setting for 6 – 7 minutes for a 1-pound lobster.

Mug Brownie

Dessert selections are popular choice offerings for customers in a range of professional kitchens. If you have the opportunity to serve desserts in a variety of ways (such as warmed up), then customers will come flocking to your kitchen. A warm, gooey mug brownie is perfect to serve to your customers, explains Gemma Stafford. “The trick is to microwave it just the right amount to fully cook the cake, but still give you a deliciously soft brownie,” shares Gemma Stafford.

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