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5 Maintenance Tips for Commercial Restaurant Equipment

5 Maintenance Tips for Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Owning a commercial kitchen is a huge responsibility and liability. Primarily, you always need to ensure that your employees have a safe kitchen. Secondly, you need to prevent kitchen fires, food contamination, and to keep your environment safe. We have compiled a list of maintenance tips to keep your commercial restaurant equipment in Mississauga clean. The manager responsible for facilitating commercial kitchen maintenance needs to consider all the elements of a professional kitchen. These elements include cleaning commercial microwave ovens, floors, work tables, holding equipment, food warmers, warming equipment, vents, hoods, racks, and more.  If cleaning duties are not met properly, a dirty kitchen can run into operational and business problems. We have compiled a list of the tips below, and many are based on industry guidelines from the National Fire Protection Association.

Tips for Commercial Restaurant Equipment Maintenance

1.   Daily, Weekly and Monthly Cleanings

Your professional kitchen equipment should be cleaned daily. And then a monthly deep clean should be implemented. Cleaning ensures that all debris and food particles are removed from your equipment.  You want to book your cleaning regularly and have the cleaning team or in-house staff on a consistent cleaning schedule to reduce health and fire risks. Cleaning includes washing and cleaning the commercial oven, separately cleaning racks, and more. As well, make sure that anyone cleaning your appliances follows stainless steel cleaning instructions.

2.   Clean Your Vent Hood and Ducts

Your vent and hood ducts collect a lot of built-up greases and food debris. Build-up means you need to hire a qualified contractor every six months or more to do a service cleaning. Besides the certified hood cleaning, your team should also be wiping down the hood to keep it looking visibly clean.

3.   Stay up to Date With Your Equipment Warranties

Most professional restaurant kitchen equipment has a manufacturer’s warranty. As long as you fill out your warranty card for new equipment on time, your parts are labour will probably be available. Lastly, you need to register your equipment to be eligible for future parts or new appliances.

4.   Replace Broken Parts Quickly

When appliance parts break, replace them immediately rather than waiting. The longer you wait to replace parts, the more time your restaurant kitchen equipment has to further breakdown. The result is more damage and more costs to replace the appliance.

5.   Clean Your Grease Filters

One of the easier ways to reduce grease fire in your kitchen is to clean your grease filters regularly. Most restaurant kitchens do grease filter cleanings once a week. However, restaurants who cook a lot of greasy foods may need to do this service more often or even on a nightly basis. The grease filters collect grease and reduces the amount of grease that travels into the actual duct. Cleaning your grease filters regularly helps to cut down the amount of debris you clean off your restaurant kitchen equipment as well.

We hope these tips help keep your commercial kitchen safe and more efficient. Shop at Celcook today for cheap commercial restaurant equipment in Mississauga. If you need any additional tips on commercial restaurant equipment maintenance, you can read our blog here.