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5 Tips to Maintain Commercial Microwave Ovens

5 Tips to Maintain Commercial Microwave Ovens

Ovens are a necessity in any commercial kitchen. From restaurants to hotels, cafés and arenas, professional ovens need to be in peak condition to keep kitchens on schedule. Below are five tips you can follow for treating your commercial kitchen oven with care. Keep these in mind to extend the life of your ovens and limit your maintenance calls.

1. Keep a Clean Oven

It goes without saying that the best way to keep an oven in good repair is to make sure it’s clean. This will help your professional oven to perform at its best and will improve your kitchen’s overall health and safety too.

You may not think food splatters and spills are a problem,  but the truth is they absorb extra cooking energy. This can result in burns and scorches inside your oven or even damage to the appliance.

2. Use Safe Cookware

For commercial microwave ovens especially, certain types of cookware can cause damage. Dishes made of metal and aluminum are a fire hazard bitcoin vanity address and should not be used. Also, dishes with gold and silver accents may pose danger and should be avoided.

3. Protect Oven Doors

The doors on commercial ovens often take a beating. Busy kitchen staff may slam oven doors, use their elbow or leave them open long after cooking is complete . Encourage your team to treat oven doors with care ensuring that they close properly and don’t suffer from damage.

4. Don’t Run on Empty

If you think it’s safe to use a commercial microwave oven without food inside, think again. An empty microwave oven is forced to absorb the microwave energy into itself. This could be damaging to internal components that aren’t meant to withstand the full force of this kind of energy.

5. Be Mindful of Weight Limits

Before you place food into a commercial microwave oven, double-check the appliance’s weight limits. Large heavy dishes may exceed your microwave’s limit. To keep the appliance in good repair, be sure to follow any weight restrictions it might have.

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