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6 Reasons Your Café Needs A Commercial Microwave

6 Reasons Your Café Needs A Commercial Microwave

Commercial cooking equipment is an important part of any café’s success. However, some equipment can prove to be more useful than others. If you’re not currently using a commercial microwave oven in your café, you are missing out on valuable opportunities to speed up your service and optimize your staff’s time. Maybe you’re worried that a commercial microwave oven will produce sub-standard results or maybe you’re not sure how a microwave can help grow and improve your business. Well, keep reading for six examples of how the right commercial microwave can open up new possibilities for your café.

1. Expand Your Café’s Menu

You may have some commercial cooking equipment that works well for your current menu items. But with a powerful commercial microwave oven added to your kitchen, you’ll be equipped to start offering new dishes that you couldn’t offer before. Whether you want to add a trendy new snack or a new side dish to boost seasonal sales, commercial microwaves can be used to quickly heat individual portions of food as they’re ordered, including dishes that have been prepared ahead of time.

2. Retherm Chilled Foods Fast

Chances are, you’re not cooking everything in your kitchen from scratch, and need to use some type of food warming equipment. For the items on your menu that are pre-cooked, either frozen or refrigerated, a commercial microwave will get those items ready to plate much faster than a water bath or steamer.

3. Defrost Frozen Foods Quickly

For the items on your menu that come frozen, save time by defrosting them in a microwave, even if you don’t want to cook them there. Not only is this method faster than thawing them in a refrigerator, but microwave defrosting also makes the thawing process safer because food spends less time in the temperature zone where bacteria can grow quickly. Also, when you have the ability to defrost individual portions as needed, you will cut down on waste.

4. Serve Your Customers Faster

The quick heat provided by a commercial microwave oven means you can get orders out quickly. Many of the dishes that cafés need to serve the quickest are prepared incredibly well in the microwave. Soups, dips, and baked goods can all go from the fridge or pantry to ready to serve in less than five minutes. Shredded and ground meats for things like mini tacos, nachos, pulled pork, and sliders also reheat perfectly in a commercial microwave.

5. Simplify Your Operations

Modern commercial microwaves include many useful features and can prepare multi-stage recipes by pressing just a few buttons. Many commercial microwave models enable you to program hundreds of individual menu items that can include stages to defrost, cook, and warm foods. Not only can this save a great deal of time, but will also limit the amount of training required.

6. Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Food warming equipment, such as a commercial microwave, continue to be popular because of their efficiency. In a microwave’s case, this efficiency extends to the amount of energy used. Microwaves use significantly less energy to produce the same results as other equipment, which means your café will be able to reduce the electricity used to support your operation.

Ready To Add A Commercial Microwave To Your Café?

A commercial microwave oven is a low profile, light weight piece of commercial cooking equipment. That means it can be installed just about anywhere your café has a bit of space, such as a countertop, underneath a prep area, or mounted on the wall above a work station. When you are ready to upgrade or add a commercial microwave, contact Celcook. With a wide range of microwave and high-speed oven options, our customer service team can find the right microwave to help you grow your café’s food offerings and keep your guests coming back for more.