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Best Commercial Microwave Oven for QSRs

Best Commercial Microwave Oven for QSRs

Restaurant ovens are key in quick-service restaurants (QSRs) for many reasons. They can help your kitchen staff produce great-tasting food while also doing so quickly and efficiently. QSRs are known for fast service, and it’s arguably one of the main benefits that keep customers coming back.

That’s why it’s critical to select only the best and most reliable commercial microwaves to support your kitchen staff and please guests. Consider the following factors when selecting the best oven to meet your QSR’s most exact requirements.

How Often Will You Use Your Commercial Microwave?

When choosing your microwave, the best model is one that will support your kitchen’s output. You’ll want to consider how often your team will be using the oven to ensure you select a model with the correct power. This will factor into how fast you can cook or reheat food as well as how many meals you can produce.

In busy QSRs with a steady stream of customers, heavy-duty and high-capacity ovens may be necessary to keep up with demand. Smaller restaurants can often use lighter-duty models to support their volume while still producing great-tasting food.

How Much Space Do You Have for Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

Spacing in your kitchen also ties into your oven selection. Consider how much space is available to fit your new microwave. If you are purchasing more than one model, stackable options might be something to consider. This will allow you to have more than one microwave while freeing up much-needed prep space.

Also, consider the interior size and capacity of your oven. Different models will fit various sized plates and bowls. If you plan to use your existing dishes, you’ll want to ensure your microwave can accommodate them safely.

Are You Looking for Speed and Efficiency?

Additional features to look for in your restaurant oven focus on quick execution. For example, digital controls and programmable menu items will make it easy for your team to prepare dishes. If these are options that appeal to you, be sure to consider microwaves that have programming features, so you can achieve the same impressive food every time you cook.

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