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What Is the Best Microwave for My Small Restaurant?

What Is the Best Microwave for My Small Restaurant?

In a busy small restaurant, commercial microwaves are a piece of equipment that can help by heating and cooking food fast. Before you can select the best microwave for your business, it’s essential to understand the options and features that are available.

Below are some of the factors to consider when purchasing commercial microwave ovens.

How Much Cooking Power Do You Need?

One of the factors to consider for restaurant ovens is how much power you need and how much traffic you see in your small restaurant. For example, heavy-duty and high-capacity ovens can output up to 2,100 watts of power. They are ideal for busy kitchens, large quantities of food, and heavy use.

Units that output around 1,000 watts of power are still powerful commercial ovens. However, they are best suited for smaller restaurants where the kitchen load is lighter.

What Are Your Requirements for Commercial Microwaves?

Your menu and kitchen size will also play a role in the type of oven that’s best suited for your restaurant.

For example, certain foods need different cooking power. To keep food warm or lightly reheat it, light-duty microwave restaurant ovens will do. For large batches of food or frozen items, a more robust model is best.

Be sure to also evaluate how much space you have in your restaurant for new equipment. Stackable or compact units may be ideal for crowded counters. However, spacious kitchens will be able to accommodate large commercial microwave ovens.

Additional Features to Consider

Another item to consider in your purchase focuses on usability. Units with many settings and features can be appealing. However, be sure to consider their ease of use for your kitchen staff. In a busy environment, simplicity may create the most efficiency. Your staff may also have a preference when it comes to digital controls versus manual ones.

Another feature available in a commercial microwave oven is a memory system or USB port. Some units will include these elements, which make it easy to store recipe settings for quick execution. Saving these settings will also ensure specific dishes receive the same cooking power each and every time.

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