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Boost Your Professional Canadian Kitchen Performance With A Commercial Microwave

Boost Your Professional Canadian Kitchen Performance With A Commercial Microwave

It’s time to take your professional Canadian kitchen to the next level by introducing a new food warming equipment to your kitchen arsenal: a commercial microwave oven. Commercial microwave ovens offer a lot of benefits that many people may not be aware of, including saving time and energy while producing higher-quality food than other heating methods. Below are just a few advantages to owning a commercial microwave oven:

Commercial microwave oven by Celcook

Power & Efficiency

  • Commercial microwave ovens are more powerful than residential ovens.
  • These microwaves are superior to traditional commercial food equipment in that they’re intended to cook food much faster, leading to more efficient food service for your guests.
  • Though a commercial and residential oven could have the same wattage output, the commercial microwave oven will cook faster and invariably save energy.

Controls & Custom Programming

  • Commercial microwave ovens come with a variety of different controls to make cooking food easier for you.
  • Celcook’s food warming equipment comes with manual controls that allow both time and heating to be fine-tuned with a dial, as well as allowing custom programs to be stored.
  • These custom programs are much more convenient and allow for accurate temperature settings that aid in preventing over- or under-cooking.
  • The simplicity of the controls allows for easier use and ensures that staff can utilize all the microwaves pre-sets to their full capabilities.

Durability & Warranty

  • Commercial microwave ovens are designed for heavier use with higher expectations and will last longer than a residential microwave regardless of the setting.
  • Many residential microwaves can break down relatively quickly if heavily used and can even start to heat inconsistently.
  • Contrarily, a heavy-duty commercial microwave oven will not only remain standing but will stay consistent in the way it cooks.
  • Additionally, Celcook guarantees the quality and reliability of our commercial food equipment products and offers a comprehensive warranty on our commercial microwaves in Canada.


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Celcook: Offering High-Quality Commercial Microwaves in Canada For Professional Kitchens

Owning the right food warming equipment is an important part of running a successful Canadian kitchen, and can make food preparation, cooking, and warming food easier. Canadian kitchen owners can rejoice in knowing that Celcook offers a selection of high-quality commercial microwaves in Canada. Contact us today to learn more and to find the best commercial food equipment for your kitchen.