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How to Choose Commercial Pizza Ovens in Canada

How to Choose Commercial Pizza Ovens in Canada

Everyone has a favourite pizza topping or combination of toppings to make their ideal pie. From veggies to meats, cheese, sauces, and everything in-between — everyone’s picks are unique.

The same is true for where pizza is made. Restaurants, fast food locations, cafeterias, and other businesses all have a different setup. The commercial pizza oven chosen for one setting may be different from another.

If you’re choosing a pizza oven for your commercial kitchen, you’ll learn more about your options below.

What to Consider when Choosing a Commercial Pizza Oven?

Before you start looking at equipment, you’ll need to evaluate your space and needs. From your kitchen to your menu, there are many factors to consider when choosing commercial pizza ovens.

Ask yourself the following:

  • How much space is available? Each oven differs in size, and some may need extra space to disperse heat.
  • How much pizza will you produce? Consider how often you prepare pizza to ensure the oven you choose suits your level of production.
  • Do you have connections for gas and electric equipment? Double-check that your current connections will support the oven you choose.
  • What is your budget? With so many options for pizza ovens, determining your budget can help narrow down those choices.

What Are Your Options for a Commercial Pizza Oven in Canada?

From high-speed ovens to brick ovens, conveyor ovens, and deck ovens, there are many options available. While brick, conveyor, and deck ovens may suit some businesses, we always recommend high-speed or convection for any business that needs to put out pizzas fast without compromising on quality.

Convection ovens are compact and have a lower output. They are ideal for kitchens where pizza is not the main focus. Both options are popular in establishments like cafeterias, stadiums, convenience stores, and all manner of commercial kitchens. Celcook understands that you only plan to serve your customers the best, and that’s why we stock top-of-the-line products like the new Forza STi to help you fulfil that promise.

Where to Find Commercial Pizza Ovens in Canada?

If you’re looking to deliver cooking power in your professional kitchen, Celcook, based in Mississauga, ON, can help.

As a commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Canada, we supply high-quality products in support of efficient kitchens. Our line of commercial ovens and high-speed ovens will shorten cooking times and enhance convenience.

Contact our team in Mississauga, ON to learn more about your options for commercial pizza ovens in Canada.