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How to Choose the Right Pizza Oven for Your Commercial Kitchen

How to Choose the Right Pizza Oven for Your Commercial Kitchen

Are you looking to add pizza to your menu? Or do you need a better solution to cook pizza that’s already on your menu? Choosing the right pizza oven for your commercial kitchen is a large investment. So, you want to consider all aspects before purchasing your commercial pizza oven in Canada.  Here are some questions to ask yourself before you start pizza oven shopping.

1.  How quickly do you need to get food to your customers? 

Do you want to make sure you get hot delicious pizza to your customers promptly? If you need to produce pizzas quickly, then you need to look for an oven that allows you to reduce the cooking time for your pizzas. The Chef Express is great for a kitchen that requires a speedy delivery for frozen pizzas. This oven reduces cooking time by 80%. That means you can spend more time focusing on the rest of your menu while your pizza is cooked with professional speed. For fresh dough pizzas, your best choice is the Forza, which can reduce cooking time by 50%.

2.  How much additional space do you have for a pizza oven? 

You need to assess how large your commercial kitchen is. Would it make sense to combine buy a multipurpose kitchen appliance that can cook pizza as well as other foods? The Forza Pizza Express Oven, the Copa Express, or the Rocket Express are all stand-alone units and can fit in smaller kitchens.

3.  Safety, ease of installation, and cleaning

Not every oven is created equal and not every oven has removable racks or parts. If you want an oven that is easy to clean, then make sure to check if the racks are removable. Lots of convection ovens are great for this. Having an oven that is easy to clean also helps keep your restaurant safe, hygienic, and helps to avoid any food poisoning or contamination.

4.  What features are important to you? 

Lots of newer commercial pizza ovens in Canada have come out with innovative technology. Some have plug ins for recipe uploading and downloading and others let you independently control the temperature, airspeed or different parts of the oven separately. Do you want a built-in timer and different programmed cooking features? There are many options on the market today.

Choosing a pizza oven is a fun and rewarding purchase. You will be able to serve pizza with ease to your guests and improve the efficiency of your kitchen at the same time. If you are looking for a commercial pizza oven in Canada, then we have the product to suit your needs. Visit our website to learn more.