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The Benefits of Microwave Cooking

The Benefits of Microwave Cooking

Commercial microwave ovens offer a lot of benefits that many people may not be aware of. While microwaves are most renowned for their ability to quickly turn frozen pizza into a delicious meal, stocking your kitchen with advanced microwave products will not only save you time, doing so will also provide you with healthier meals and help save energy.

Preserve More Nutrients

Heating up food using food warming equipment will always result in some nutrient loss, as some vitamins and antioxidants break down when exposed to high heat. However, heating up food with advanced microwave products can preserve more of the valuable nutrients in fruits and vegetables than stovetop cooking. The key to preserving the nutrients is in your microwaving technique. You need to be careful not to overcook your food, which means setting the timer of your commercial microwave oven for shorter intervals. For instance, if the instructions on your frozen vegetables say to microwave them for 2 minutes, it’s better to microwave them for only one minute, stir the vegetables up, then let them cook for another minute if they’re still undercooked. Cooking your frozen vegetables on a stovetop might result in boiling the nutrients away by adding too much water or overcooking them because you walked away from the stove and forgot about them.

Reduce Cooking & Increase Convenience

The largest appeal of commercial microwave ovens is convenience. Microwaves allow you to cook and thaw foods faster, so you can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner ready for your guests in only a few minutes. With its speed and throughput your microwave will quickly become your favourite kitchen appliance. The use of microwave-safe containers also means you can quickly cook anything and everything. If your patrons are discriminating and enjoy lots of variety at mealtime, there are many microwave-based recipes available to help you prepare delicious meals in a fraction of the time.

Conserve More Energy

Advanced microwave products use less energy than traditional food warming equipment, such as ovens and stovetops, which supports the conservation of energy and can help reduce your energy bills. Microwaves also don’t heat up your kitchen the way ovens do, which everyone appreciates during a summer heat wave. Because microwaves allow you to control the cooking time and the cooking times are much shorter than other methods, you have much more control over the amount of power you use.

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