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Do’s and Don’ts While Using Your Commercial Microwave Oven In The Kitchen

Do’s and Don’ts While Using Your Commercial Microwave Oven In The Kitchen

Running a professional kitchen can be a lot of work, from managing your professional kitchen staff to ensuring quality dishes are being served to guests.

In order to keep your professional kitchen up and running at it’s best, it’s important to also prioritize your commercial food equipment and properly train both yourself and your staff on how to run your professional kitchen equipment.

Focusing on the commercial microwave oven in your professional kitchen, here are some important do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when using your commercial microwave:

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The Do’s For Operating Your Restaurant Oven

  • Read manufacturer’s guidelines on equipment use. There is a wealth of information there that you’ll need to know for safe cooking, including operating procedures and safety warnings.
  • Use microwave-safe containers to cook or heat food or liquids. For safety’s sake, if you’re unsure whether a bowl, dish, or plate is microwave-safe, don’t use it.
  • Clean the dirt, grime, and grease from your restaurant oven. This will prevent food and spatters from becoming cooked onto the surface, making it easier to clean.
  • Turn off your commercial microwave oven immediately if you notice food ignites or sparks.
  • Use caution and wear oven mitts when taking out and opening your microwave-safe container that’s been cooked or heated up.

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The Don’ts For Operating Your Restaurant Oven

  • Don’t use commercial microwaves that are damaged anywhere, including bent or warped doors or broken and faulty latches. This could result in radiation emission and other worse issues to occur. Call for professional service or replace the unit if any of these conditions exist.
  • Never microwave food in plastic containers. The plastic can melt, and even contaminate the food or liquid inside.
  • Additionally, never place metal objects into a commercial microwave oven as it can produce dangerous sparks. This includes aluminum foil, utensils, pots, pans, and plates, bowls, or dishes that have a metallic trim on them.
  • Don’t turn your appliance on if it’s empty. Since there is no food or liquid to absorb the energy that’s produced, the magnetron tube can be damaged.
  • Avoid cooking food in a fully sealed container, whether it is microwave-safe or not. Microwave-safe containers should have a lid loosely placed on top so steam can be released.

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