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Expand Your Menu and Increase Revenue with Commercial Pizza Ovens

Expand Your Menu and Increase Revenue with Commercial Pizza Ovens

Pizza is a favorite among many restaurant patrons. Its delicious taste and shareable format make it perfect for mealtime, snack time, and everything in-between.

If your restaurant is looking to capitalize on this menu item, a commercial pizza oven in Canada is an essential piece of equipment. With a professional oven from Celcook, you’ll be able to cook quality pizza quickly and efficiently, which has the power to boost your business in many ways.

Cook Mouth-Watering Pizza

Taste and quality are key when it comes to preparing pizzas that will keep customers coming back for more.

When it comes to cooking an assortment of pizzas in your kitchen, our pizza ovens can do it all — and do it fast. You’ll be able to offer a variety of menu items cooked to perfection quickly and efficiently.

Serve Customers Fast

Being able to quickly serve customers is essential in the food-service industry. Thanks to the power of these high-speed pizza ovens, your business will be able to do just that. The  STi 16″ Pizza Oven can cook up to 50 percent faster than traditional ovens and they are stackable so you can have more space and more pizza! Keeping your guest’s waiting won’t be an issue in your establishment when your kitchen is equipped with these fast and powerful ovens.

Program Recipes on Your Commercial Pizza Oven

As you expand your menu to include more types of pizza, you’ll want to ensure your kitchen staff produces the same excellent results each and every time they cook. A handy USB port on the STi 16″ Pizza Oven makes it easy to upload and download your recipes and their steps. Your team will be able to quickly execute cooking with these commercial ovens, resulting in consistent pizza every time.

Choose Celcook for Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Canada

If you’re looking for the above benefits when it comes to serving pizza in your establishment, the range of equipment from Celcook in Mississauga, ON, can help. We supply high-quality equipment to provide cooking power in the food-service industry. Whether you’re looking for a commercial pizza oven in Canada to cook food fast or a heated display cabinet to keep items fresh for your guests, we invite you to explore our options.

Contact us in Mississauga, ON, to learn more about our products or download our price list for more information.