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  • 1. Can people with pacemakers use microwaves?

    Yes. Modern microwaves do not produce frequencies that would interfere with pacemakers or other electronic devices. Pacemakers are now worn inside the body, which shields it from various types of interference.

  • 2. My microwave ovens clean filter light has turned on. What should I do?

    This is an automatic feature to remind you to clean your microwave’s air filter. You can find the filter directly below the microwave door. To clean the filter, remove it from the microwave, clean it with soapy water, and rinse. Wait until the filter is completely dry before re-inserting it inside your microwave. Before replacing the filter, wipe the surface area behind the filter with a cloth to remove any debris. If your microwave’s filter is not removable, carefully wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

  • 3. Does cooking food in a microwave make it less nutritious?

    Cooking food through any method, such as boiling, steaming, or microwaving, will cause some loss of heat-sensitive vitamins. However, cooking food in a microwave has been shown to preserve up to seven times more nutrients than boiling or steaming.

  • 4. What is the purpose of stage cooking?

    Cooking in multiple stages allows you to change your settings more easily, as you can change the settings for your cook cycle in one program, rather than multiple programs. Stage cooking allows you to set a stage to defrost, cook, and keep food warm all in one program.

  • 5. What does the ‘power level’ refer to on microwave?

    The power level refers to the percentage of time the magnetron stays on. The magnetron cycles on and off so the heat can cook the food without overcooking it.

  • 6. Can I defrost food using my commercial microwave oven?

    While domestic microwaves often come with a standard defrost button, not all commercial microwave ovens have this button. To defrost, use the 10% or 20% microwave, depending on the food item.

  • 7. Why can’t I put metal in a microwave?

    Metal reflects microwave energy, which will prevent the food from cooking properly. The reflection of microwave energy can also damage the microwave.

  • 8. Which microwave oven is right for me?

    That depends on what foods you plan to cook, the size of yours establish, and how frequently you will use your microwave. If you intend to just warm up a few things for a smaller number of guests, then a 1000-watt touchpad or dial oven may be a good choice. If you plan to use it frequently for cooking, and want a higher capacity and speed, then you may need an 1800-watt or 2100-watt high-capacity oven. If you have more limited space in your kitchen but still require a powerful oven, a high-wattage compact unit may suit your needs.

  • 9. How do defrost frozen foods in a commercial microwave?

    Use the 10 or 20% power level on your microwave. While domestic microwaves have a ‘defrost’ button, not all commercial microwaves have this button.

  • 10. Can I program items into a dial timer microwave oven?

    Yes, you can be using the Celcook CEL1000D oven. It has a full dial timer with digital display, and the option to program 10 items that you plan to frequently cook using your microwave oven.

  • 11. How can I maintain my microwave?

    Clean your microwave regularly with a damp cloth and mild dish detergent. You should also wipe down the air filter beneath the microwave door and ensure nothing is blocking it. If the air filter is removable, you can remove it and clean it with soapy water. Do not reinstall the air filter until it’s completely dry.

  • 12. Do Celcook microwave ovens allow me to back-up my programming?

    Yes, the three CCM models of Celcook and all the Celcook by Pratica ovens have a USB option that allow you to back-up your programming. This feature is also useful to transfer your programming from one oven to another if your kitchen has multiple microwave ovens. You simply need to download your programming to the USB and upload it to each oven.

  • 13. Why isn’t there a turntable inside my commercial microwave?

    Unlike domestic microwaves, commercial microwaves don’t need a turntable to cook food evenly. Commercial microwaves use a stirrer system to evenly distribute heat. Rather than rotating the food on a turntable, commercial microwaves move the heat.

  • 14. I want to quickly cook breaded items without using a fryer. Does Celcook have a microwave oven for that?

    Yes, the Celcook by Pratica Chef Express oven will bake, roast, crisp, and brown most foods that can also be cooked in a regular oven or deep fryer. The Celcook by Pratica Chef Express oven typically cooks 20 times faster, too!

  • 15. Is it safe to run a microwave when there’s no food in it?

    No. The microwave’s electrical components can become damaged. Food placed inside the microwave absorbs the energy while it's operating. If there’s nothing inside the microwave, there’s nothing to absorb the energy. This can cause a fire and/or burn out the magnetron.

  • 16. Do I need a servicer to maintain ventless cooking with a catalytic converter?

    The Celcook by Pratica ovens have a removable catalytic converter that clients can remove on their own, which eliminates the need for a servicer and servicer charge. The catalytic converter is located inside the oven and is removable by hand. To clean it, soak it in soapy water and rinse Allow it to fully dry before inserting it back inside the oven.

  • 17. Do microwaves cook food as well as other types of cooking equipment?

    Microwaves don’t affect the quality of cooked food when used as intended. There are things microwaves do very well, such as cooking foods high in moisture, like grain products and vegetables. They’re also perfect for warming and defrosting pre-cooked foods like soup, cooked pasta, and pizza. There are also cooking applications that microwaves aren’t designed for. For instance, you obviously wouldn’t want to attempt cooking raw chicken in a microwave. Microwaves are best used for cooking that needs moist heat, such as steaming and poaching.

  • 18. Is microwave radiation dangerous?

    When functioning properly, microwaves do not expose people to microwave radiation. Microwaves are designed with several safety features that prevent energy from escaping the machine while in use. If there’s a chance that microwave radiation might escape due to damage or malfunction, the microwave’s safety features will immediately turn off the machine.

  • 19. My microwave oven’s fan continues to run, and the light remains on after the cooking cycle has completed. Is that normal?

    Yes. Commercial microwave ovens get hotter than domestic microwaves due to their higher wattage and frequent use. The fan will continue to run after the cooking cycle to cool the microwave components for about 30 to 60 seconds. The light will turn off when the fan stops.