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How to Find the Right Oven for Your Commercial Kitchen?

How to Find the Right Oven for Your Commercial Kitchen?

If you step into a Japanese restaurant and a pizza parlour, you’ll immediately notice two distinct kitchens. The Japanese restaurant will make the most use of a sauté station for hot rice and noodle dishes. The pizza parlour will most likely make ongoing use of a professional pizza oven.

Professional kitchens are unique to the type of food they serve and how much. That’s why there are a variety of commercial kitchen ovens on the market to suit each type of business. Here’s a quick run-down on finding the right one for you.

Consider Your Menu

Much like the two restaurants noted above, the type of business you run plays a big role in choosing your equipment. How your specific menu items need to be cooked. Are you a café that serves mostly desserts? A bar with mostly fried foods? Or a family restaurant that serves a variety of dishes?

Each of these restaurants has a menu that requires different types of restaurant kitchen equipment to prepare food. The volume of clients you serve is also key to deciding what oven capacity you need.

Types of Ovens for Restaurant Kitchens

Commercial microwave ovens are compact and cook food lightning quick. Light-duty microwaves are perfect for kitchens that don’t have a high turnover such as convenience stores and gas stations. High-capacity commercial kitchen ovens, however, can cook and reheat food in the busiest of kitchens. You can even program the oven to your kitchen’s needs.

Pizza ovens — as the name suggests — are the perfect size and shape to accommodate pizzas of all sizes. They’re also ideal for other oversized dishes such as large dessert trays. Pizza ovens for restaurant kitchens can cook 50 percent faster than regular ovens so that diners aren’t left waiting for their food for long. They also feature ventless cooking, an exterior that remains cool, and the ability to program up to 80 recipes.

Speed ovens are ideal for venues and other kitchens that need to cook many types of food fast. By using impinged air convection technology and precision microwave power, they can cook foods up to 10 times faster than traditional ovens. They can also hold up to 1,024 recipes to ensure you get the same results for each dish.

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