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Four Things To Consider When Purchasing Commercial Food Equipment

Four Things To Consider When Purchasing Commercial Food Equipment

Stocking your commercial kitchen with new equipment is an exciting process! There are so many tools and gadgets to choose from, and a variety of different models, brands, and styles. However, before you start purchasing new commercial food equipment, there are a few things you should take into account to ensure that you get the best equipment for your needs.

Consider Your Menu
There are a few necessities your kitchen will need regardless of your menu, such as a fridge, freezer, stove, and commercial microwave oven. But you may need other pieces of commercial kitchen equipment, such as blenders, mixers, meat and vegetable slicers, beverage equipment, and more. Planning your menu before purchasing any speciality equipment will make sure that you invest in the right tools, and avoid wasting money on things you don’t need.

Create A Budget
Commercial food equipment can be expensive, although it’s a worthwhile investment for your kitchen’s success. High-quality kitchen equipment will work more efficiently and produce better quality food, which will contribute to your guests’ overall satisfaction. However, you shouldn’t go deep into debt purchasing equipment that you don’t need. For instance, do you need a top-of-the-line coffee maker, when a simpler, less expensive machine will meet your customers’ needs? Consider what equipment you need and how often you’ll be using it, then look for equipment that fits your requirements and budget.

Measure Your Kitchen
While an extra-large refrigerator is a nice idea, do you have the space for it? It’s important to plan the layout of your kitchen and take measurements before ordering any new equipment. What’s more, you should take note of the general size and layout of your building before purchasing larger pieces of equipment. Otherwise, you may discover that you can’t fit your new refrigerator through the doorway!

Look For Warranty Commitments
It’s easy to overlook warranties and fine print while shopping for new equipment. You may be so excited about outfitting your new kitchen that the fine-print is the last thing on your mind! However, you should always purchase equipment that comes with a comprehensive warranty commitment. You should also ensure that certified service providers are close by to service and repair your equipment, as needed. Should your equipment unexpectedly require service, you’ll be grateful that you selected a brand with an excellent warranty and familiarized yourself with the warranty’s terms and conditions.

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