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Heated Display Cabinets Are What Your Small Kitchen Needs

Heated Display Cabinets Are What Your Small Kitchen Needs

Many small kitchens benefit from heated display cabinets as they keep food fresh, display the daily menu, and act as a place to store extra food. Keep reading to learn why a heated display cabinet may be an excellent addition to your commercial kitchen, pizza shop, or bakery.

Keep buffet food warm with a heated display cabinet

When you are preparing food for a buffet, the food often gets cooked in stages. Consequently, you end up with food that is warm and ready to eat, but no guests to serve yet. Furthermore, you need somewhere to store your buffet chafing dishes until your guests arrive. We suggest storing your food in a commercial warming oven to keep the food fresh until the event starts.

Keep baked goods, pastries, and pizzas fresh

Pizza chains always have a heated display cabinet, so they can keep their pizza warm for walk-in customers. Depending on the traffic or day of the week, the traffic at your bakery or pizza restaurant will fluctuate. Some days you will barely be able to keep the croissants and pepperoni pizzas on the shelves, and you may even have to say, “sold out.” However, other days, you bake enough goods for a minimum number of guests, and your cafe doesn’t get much traffic at all. These are the types of days your heated display cabinets come to the rescue. All the pizzas and pastries you baked will stay fresh in the enclosed area and will be ready to serve once a customer comes by.

Show your customers what’s on the menu

Show off your delicious menu and treats by displaying them in your heated display cabinet. Let customers know that you have a cake section, a muffin section, hot sandwiches, a hot lunch plate, and pizzas to go. When customers can visually see what’s on the menu, it’s easy for them to order quickly.

Factors to consider when choosing your heated display cabinet

Access Points to Food

Your team needs to determine the access point for the food. Are customers going to serve themselves, or are you worried about food contamination and customers getting burnt? If so, you should opt for a staff-facing door, where you can only access the food from the backside.

Type of Food You Serve 

Different foods need different temperatures to stay fresh. You can choose cabinets with dual temperature modes so that you can keep vegetables and salads cool, and pastries warm on the other side. You also may want to look for a cabinet with humidity control for baked goods that need certain temperatures to stay tasting good.

Space and Dimensions

Next, you need to measure the space you have for your display cabinet. Typically, models come with four, six, eight, or ten trays. You have to do the math and figure out how many customers you need to serve each day. As well, you need to know the maximum amount of space you have for the cabinet. Make sure you keep room for staff to walk behind and customers to walk in front. Lastly, decide if you want a horizontal cabinet or a vertical one to save space.

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