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Why High-Speed Ovens are a Good Addition to Any Commercial Kitchen

Why High-Speed Ovens are a Good Addition to Any Commercial Kitchen

Have you ever been to a restaurant and complained to the server that it was taking too long for your food to arrive? This is a common complaint at many restaurants and is one of the reasons restaurants start to get bad reviews or lose customers. However, there is a solution for quicker food turnaround time: a high-speed oven. Below we are going to touch on a few reasons why these powerful ovens are such a great addition to any commercial kitchen.

1.  Increase kitchen & restaurant efficiency

Not only will you increase the efficiency that meals are made, but you will also improve the efficiency of your commercial kitchen. High-speed ovens and commercial microwaves cook at lightning speed and allow you to serve more food more often. This means you can keep up with restaurant demand and large parties, reducing wait times for food, and creating happy customers.  Happier customers mean more people in your restaurant. And the happier your customers are the better your reviews will be!

2.  Cook a variety of foods in the same oven

One of the main benefits of high-speed ovens is their versatility. Combination ovens allow you to have multiple features in one such as convection oven and steam in one. Or holding cabinet or slow cooking features. This means you can cook your casserole, meat, fish, or pastries all in the same oven. As well, the impingement technology really helps to reduce cooking time and gives your food the effect of grill marks. Lastly, infra-red technology, similar to impingement, helps to cook delicate meals and desserts at a reduced pace, without leaving grill marks.

3.  Increase cleanliness and reduce clutter

Instead of having multiple microwaves, ovens and holding racks to cook your food. Invest in one powerful high-speed oven to do it all. This will reduce clutter in your kitchen and free up space for the kitchen staff. Most high-speed ovens combine the functions of multiple appliances into one. For example, combination ovens combine a microwave, convection oven, and steamer into one appliance. This means you can get rid of your steamer, your holding cabinets, and slow cookers. Upgrade to one oven or two powerful ovens for your kitchen restaurant and sell your used appliances to free up space. As well, many combination ovens have no need for additional vents as they have their own catalytic converter. Making the installation of these ovens very simple. Lastly, the door functionality of high-speed ovens is compact. Unlike some traditional kitchen ovens, you can easily open and close your oven door. Allowing your kitchen to cook and distribute food faster.

4.  They work well for any industry

Whether you are a hospital kitchen, a hotel kitchen, a banquet hall kitchen, or a small restaurant, you can always benefit from a more efficient oven. There is an oven to suit every budget and every need of a commercial kitchen.

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