When you think of the commercial kitchen equipment you would need for a food industry business, a microwave isn’t typically one of the first things that spring to mind. Whether you are operating a café, coffee shop, or a restaurant, a commercial microwave is an essential type of professional kitchen equipment for reheating, defrosting and steaming foods. But did you know that you can also cook certain foods, like pasta, in your microwave? Here are some guidelines for cooking the perfect pasta every time with your commercial food equipment.

Dry Pasta (1/4 To 1/2 Pound) – Spaghetti, Fettucine, Bowties, Etc.

Put your dry pasta in a microwave-safe bowl or container with a lid and cover with 1-2 inches of water. Microwave for 3-4 minutes and you should see the water start to bubble at that point. If the water is starting to boil, turn off the microwave and keep the door shut, allowing the pasta to sit for a few minutes. Check if the pasta is done and if it’s ready, drain and prepare to serve. If the pasta is not quite done yet, microwave for 1 minute and allow the pasta to sit for another few minutes to absorb more water.

Fresh Or Frozen Pasta (1/2 to 1 pound) – Ravioli, Tortelloni, Tortellini, Etc.

Put your filled pasta in a microwave-safe bowl or container with a lid and cover with 1 inch of water. Microwave for 7-9 minutes (a few minutes more for frozen pasta) and you should see the pasta floating to the top by that point. Safely remove the lid and stir gently, submerging as much pasta as possible. Put the lid back on and let the pasta sit for 5 minutes to allow for proper cooking and water absorption. Check to see if the pasta is done, then drain and prepare to serve.

Celcook: Commercial Kitchen Equipment In Canada To Support Your Business

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