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Why is it Important to Maintain Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

Why is it Important to Maintain Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

Buying commercial kitchen equipment is an important investment that every food-service business makes. It’s key to keeping this equipment functioning well for the long term is maintenance. If you take care of your equipment, you can help ensure that it will continue to serve you.

Below are some critical reasons why caring for your commercial ovens and other pieces of equipment will benefit your business.

Maintain Health and Safety in Your Business

Frequent cleaning of your equipment can help address health and safety. With so much prep work taking place in your kitchen, it’s only a matter of time before food and/or grease will build up. Be sure to prevent this issue with regular cleanings.

Addressing spills and messes as they happen, instead of at the end of a shift, is also key. This can help keep your high-speed ovens and other appliances clean, safe, and operating at peak performance throughout each workday.

Address Any Hidden Cleanliness Issues

Implementing a secondary deep-clean schedule can address hard-to-reach places for your equipment. This will help you focus on areas where food particles and/or grease may accumulate but that you may not be able to access with your regular cleanings. You may choose to do this monthly or semi-annually. The schedule will ultimately depend on how often you use each piece of equipment.

Keep Your Appliances Looking New

Many types of equipment, such as commercial ovens, include stainless steel finishes. You can help prevent stains and tarnish by following the instructions that come with your equipment. Be sure to reference the owner’s manual for each of your items to ensure you use the correct cleaning products and methods to keep them looking their best.

Prevent Future Maintenance Issues

You can help mitigate issues with your equipment by addressing necessary repairs as they arise. For example, if you notice that a part for your high-speed oven needs replacing, don’t delay. Addressing the problem now will likely prevent it from causing a larger issue down the road. Plus, it will ensure you can continue to use the equipment you rely on on without lengthy interruptions due to large repairs.

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