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How Medical Facilities Benefit from Commercial Microwaves

How Medical Facilities Benefit from Commercial Microwaves

Say goodbye to lousy hospital food. Medical facilities have been investing in commercial-grade kitchen equipment to increase their efficiency to cook delicious meals for staff, visitors, and patients. Many hospitals and medical facilities are noticing the benefits and investing in commercial microwave ovens too. Keep reading to learn why.

4 Reasons to Install a Commercial Microwave Oven at Your Facility

1.   Quick Meal Turn Around

Visiting the hospital is already a stressful experience, so why increase the visitor’s stress with long waiting times for food? Some family members only have a short time between leaving the patient and grabbing a bite to eat at the hospital cafeteria. Thus, showing the importance of grab and go meals and short wait times for meals. Industry strength microwaves have multiple programmable features available. You can program all the food items on your menu into the microwave, and this allows for a streamlined cooking process. Your cooks can just press the programmed button instead of looking up how long particular food takes to cook. Programming food times increases the consistency of your food preparation and cooking and helps reduce inconsistencies amongst meals.

2.   Increased efficiency in serving more customers

Depending on the size of your medical facility, you may have to serve a large number of meals in a small amount of time. Let’s call this the “lunch rush.” If you have a regular grade microwave, you are going to run into issues as they are less powerful and slower than commercial microwave ovens. Whereas commercial-grade microwave ovens are designed for heavy usage, and their highest wattage allows for food to be cooked or heated up faster than domestic ovens.

3.   Reliability

If you are serving multiple meals a day to your guests and patients at your medical facility, then the reliability of your commercial restaurant equipment is essential. You want to buy an oven or microwave that is going to last a long time and not break down after cooking up a couple of meals. Longevity and endurance of your commercial kitchen equipment is something you want to look into when buying the oven or microwave for your facility.

4.   Built-In Tech Features

Besides having more programmable options, most commercial grade microwave ovens have USB plugins and digital displays. You can upload your software and program your microwave to your standards. As well, most of them have auto-pre starts, so that you can automate the cooking in your kitchen. Some other controls customers like are the digital display, programmable up to 10 cycles, three-stage cooking, and the touchpad.

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