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Heated Display Cabinets

Heated Display Cabinets Are What Your Small Kitchen Needs

Many small kitchens benefit from heated display cabinets as they keep food fresh, display the daily menu, and act as a place to store extra food. Keep reading to learn why a heated display cabinet may be an excellent addition to your commercial kitchen, pizza shop, or bakery. (more…)LEARN MORE
Commercial microwave oven

How Medical Facilities Benefit from Commercial Microwaves

Say goodbye to lousy hospital food. Medical facilities have been investing in commercial-grade kitchen equipment to increase their efficiency to cook delicious meals for staff, visitors, and patients. Many hospitals and medical facilities are noticing the benefits and investing in commercial microwave ovens too. Keep reading to learn why. (more…)LEARN MORE
Commercial pizza ovens in Canada

How to Choose the Right Pizza Oven for Your Commercial Kitchen

Are you looking to add pizza to your menu? Or do you need a better solution to cook pizza that’s already on your menu? Choosing the right pizza oven for your commercial kitchen is a large investment. So, you want to consider all aspects before purchasing your commercial pizza oven in Canada.  Here are some questions to ask yourself before you start pizza oven shopping. (more…)LEARN MORE