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Ice-O-Matic machcine by Celco

Ice-O-Matic Troubleshooting Guide: Common Errors & Fixes

Having a commercial ice maker is crucial for many important operations in restaurants, bars, cafes, and offices. Although ice makers are heavy-duty and high-performance industrial machines, all brands, such as Ice-O-Matic, are likely to experience malfunctions at some point in their life cycle. While some issues will require a technician, other issues are quick fixes that you can do yourself. The following guide is a compilation of the common errors or issues that Ice-O-Matic ice machines experience, as well as fixes that you can try to get your ice maker up and running again.

Ice-O-Matic Machine Isn’t Running

There are several reasons that may be the cause of why your Ice-O-Matic is not running. Check out the following ways to diagnose the issue: · Is the ice maker plugged in and set to “ice”? Always check to see if the ice machine is properly plugged in. Then make sure the "ICE” setting is selected. · Is the voltage correct? A voltage that is too high or too low can negatively affect the refrigeration unit. · Is the high-pressure safety on? Reset the safety to ensure it is on correctly and identify the reason for high head pressure.

Ice-O-Matic Machine is Leaking

While leaks that come from inside the Ice-O-Matic ice machine will require a service technician to fix, leaks that come from outside the ice machine can be handled by you. They are likely a plumbing issue that is related to the machine not being properly installed. Make sure to turn off the ice machine before making any adjustments.

Check the shutoff valve:

If the leak is coming from the shutoff valve, contain the leak to prevent further damage and call a plumber.

Look for drain obstructions:

The leak may be a result of water not being able to properly drain due to a blockage. Check for obstructions that you can clear and then test to see if it worked to rectify the original leak.

Check the water line:

A cracked or broken water line will need the assistance of a plumber to fix it.

Time for a deep clean:

Regularly cleaning your Ice-O-Matic is essential to avoid future buildups or obstructions that cause leaks. Whether you schedule it or do one after the ice machine is serviced, deep cleans are essential for taking care of your ice maker.

Not Enough Ice is Being Made

Certain businesses, such as restaurants, bars, and cafes, need a lot of ice to keep operations running smoothly. If the Ice-O-Matic is not making enough ice, the following are ways to solve this issue:

Is the water line clogged:

The amount of water that is in the ice machine determines the amount of ice that is made. Make sure the water line is clear of any buildup or obstructions to maximize the amount of ice for your business.

Does your machine need a deep clean:

A clean machine produces more ice, as there is no buildup to reduce production. If your ice maker is producing less ice than normal, make time to clean it, and even schedule a regular cleaning to prevent this issue in the future.

Is the temperature too high:

If the room your ice machine is in is too hot, it can impact ice production. Double-check what the air temperature is and adjust either the temperature or the machine's location accordingly.

Your Trusted Restaurant Supply Store

At Celco, we are determined to provide the best possible products to our customers, as we want your business to thrive. Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines are very popular products at Celco, as they provide countless businesses with essential ingredients for food and drink preparation and service. Our team prides itself on providing the best customer service and support, which is why any questions about Ice-O-Matic products are readily welcomed. If your questions were not addressed above, feel free to contact one of our sales representatives or visit our website for more details.LEARN MORE
High-capacity Commercial Microwaves Ovens by Celcook

Why to Use High-capacity Commercial Microwaves Ovens

When purchasing commercial food-service equipment, it’s essential to select items that meet your professional kitchen’s requirements. If you’re in the market for a high-capacity commercial microwave oven, you have some options when you choose Celcook. Our line of high-capacity ovens offers speed and reliability with the CEL1200HT, CEL1800HT, and CEL2100HT.

No matter which model you choose for your hotel, catering kitchen, convenience store, or QSR, your business is bound to benefit in several ways:

1. Rapidly Re-heat and Cook Food

High-capacity ovens from Celcook offer rapid results. Our products include 1,200-watt, 1,800-watt, and 2,1000-watt models. These powerful pieces of cooking equipment, with multiple power levels, will enable you to reheat and cook food quickly. With this power, your oven is sure to be a key item for keeping up with the demands of your professional kitchen.

2. Efficiency and Reliability

At Celcook, we believe in producing high-capacity ovens that are made to withstand heavy usage and hold large volumes of food. Our models feature stainless steel, inside and out, along with a grab-and-go handle. On top of these features, you’ll further benefit from our three-year parts and labor warranty.

3. Simple to Use High-capacity Touch Microwave Ovens

At Celcook, our high-capacity touch microwave ovens are simple and easy to use. They feature a touchpad and digital display, along with the ability for up to 100 programmable menu items to further benefit speed and efficiency in your professional kitchen.

4. High-capacity Commercial Microwave Ovens that Look Great

You can’t beat the visual appeal of Celcook’s products. The stainless-steel finish is sleek and will complement any type of décor in your professional kitchen.

5. Cleanup is a Breeze

Finally, you’ll find Celcook’s microwave ovens are quick and easy to clean. Thanks to their smart design and clean lines, it’s easy to access all areas of your oven to ensure it’s clean and sanitary.

Learn More About Celcook and Explore Your Options

As a supplier of high-quality commercial microwave ovens in Canada, at Celcook we know how important owning the right oven is for the success of your business. Contact us in Toronto to learn how our products can improve your food-service business.

If you’re ready to experience the difference that speed and efficiency can make in your professional kitchen, we invite you to book a demonstration. Connect with the Celcook team in Toronto, Reach out to us to get started.


The Best Compact Ovens for Your Business

If you’re looking to deliver cooking power in your professional kitchen where space is at a premium, look no further than compact microwave ovens. Though smaller in size, these ovens will exceed expectations in your business. Your business will benefit by saving on much-needed kitchen space, preparing food quickly and easily, and taking advantage of convenient features to support your kitchen staff. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best compact ovens for your business.

Benefits of Compact Ovens

Save Space in Your Professional Kitchen

If you’re short on space in your professional kitchen, these ovens are an ideal choice. They are a versatile equipment option suitable for a wide range of businesses. This includes hotels, gas stations, convenience stores, QSRs, and many more business types. For even more space savings, be sure to also consider the option for units that are stackable with safety brackets.

Prepare Food Quickly and Easily

You’ll be able to prepare food quickly and easily with your oven. Its powerful food-warming ability includes multiple power levels. These ovens can help support speed and efficiency in your professional kitchen to keep guests coming back for more!

Take Advantage of Convenient Features

The convenience of a digital display on your oven will make operations simple for your kitchen staff. Coupled with the option for programmable menu items, your staff will be able to execute food prep fast thanks to this helpful feature.

Learn More About Compact Microwave Ovens from Celcook

Look no further than Celcook for high-quality commercial kitchen equipment. Our compact ovens will stand up to the demands of your professional kitchen thanks to their durable construction and ease of cleaning. Their stainless-steel construction is made to last and will look great while keeping up with the demands of your business. Your options from Celcook include: · CCM1200: 1200 Watt Compact Commercial Microwave Oven CCM1800: 1800 Watt Compact Commercial Microwave Oven CCM2100: 2100 Watt Compact Commercial Microwave Oven From simple food prep to intensive cooking, you can rely on Celcook’s array of powerful equipment to deliver. We supply a range of items to support the unique demands of various types of commercial kitchens in Canada. We look forward to discussing how our products will offer support for the needs of your business as well. Get ready to experience the difference that speed and efficiency can make in your professional kitchen. To learn more about your options for commercial kitchen equipment from Celcook, connect with us.LEARN MORE