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Commercial Microwave Oven

5 Tips to Maintain Commercial Microwave Ovens

Ovens are a necessity in any commercial kitchen. From restaurants to hotels, cafés and arenas, professional ovens need to be in peak condition to keep kitchens on schedule. Below are five tips you can follow for treating your commercial kitchen oven with care. Keep these in mind to extend the life of your ovens and limit your maintenance calls. (more…)LEARN MORE
Commercial pizza ovens in canada

High Speed Ovens: The Solution to Your Kitchen’s Needs

You might be familiar with Celco’s line of 1800-watt microwaves, and higher wattage microwaves, and what they can do to help your kitchen, but we also have ovens that can dramatically reduce the cook times for your dishes while never compromising on taste or quality. (more…)LEARN MORE

How to Find the Right Oven for Your Commercial Kitchen?

If you step into a Japanese restaurant and a pizza parlour, you’ll immediately notice two distinct kitchens. The Japanese restaurant will make the most use of a sauté station for hot rice and noodle dishes. The pizza parlour will most likely make ongoing use of a professional pizza oven. (more…)LEARN MORE