CPFE608 Forza Express Pizza Oven

Model No: CPFE608 Forza Express Pizza Oven
Height: 25 3/8″
Width: 21″
Depth: 31 3/4″
Weight : 191 lb
Celcook by Pratica
Spec Sheets: English   French
Manuals:  English   French

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Create delicious pizza in record time, with Celcook’s line of pizza ovens and ventless high-speed oven equipment. With cooking speeds up to 50% faster than traditional ovens and fine-grained cooking control, our professional kitchen equipment means your customers will get great-tasting pizzas in as little as half the time.

Our ventless high-speed oven line uses techniques like the following to shorten cooking time and enhance convenience:

  • Precisely controlled impinged air.
  • Infrared heating elements, both top and bottom.
  • Certified ventless cooking.
  • Exteriors that remain cool to the touch.

Ventless cooking is possible thanks to our innovative catalytic converter technology. Typical ovens produce airborne grease, which builds up on various surfaces and can introduce unwanted odors. With Celcook’s professional food equipment you’ll benefit from a catalytic converter that breaks down grease-laden vapors. The result is quiet, efficient cooking that cleans up quickly and easily.

With the included USB drive, you can program your pizza oven with up to 80 recipes, each with six steps. Once recipes are loaded, either your or your staff can select and execute them in seconds. Over the years, our commercial food equipment means countless hours saved. Of course, you can also switch your oven to manual cooking mode at any time.

Your professional kitchen equipment pizza oven also comes complete with the following terrific accessories:

  • Aluminum Paddle.
  • Baking Stone.
  • Cooking Basket.
  • Lloyd Pan Panini Grill.
  • USB Drive (for recipes).

Key Features

  • Up to 80 recipes with 6 steps
  • USB Port to upload and download recipes
  • Easy to clean
  • Cooks up to 50% faster than traditional ovens
  • Adjustable temperature from 86F to 608F
  • User friendly interface
  • Cool to the touch exterior
  • Certified ventless with easy removable catalytic converter
  • Allows the use of metal pans