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Why Your Professional Kitchen Needs A Pizza Oven

Why Your Professional Kitchen Needs A Pizza Oven

Whether you are running a café, coffee shop, or a restaurant, or another type of professional kitchen, quality commercial cooking equipment is essential to run a successful business in the food industry. If you own a pizza shop or feature pizza on your menu, one piece of commercial food equipment to consider purchasing is a pizza oven. Here are some important factors to consider when purchasing a pizza oven for your kitchen:

Types of Commercial Pizza Ovens

There are four main types of ovens that can be used to make pizzas: brick ovens, pizza deck ovens, conveyor pizza ovens, and pizza convection ovens. It’s important to consider several factors before choosing the right oven for you, such as how much pizza you plan to produce, how much space you have available, and your budget. Consideration of these factors will help determine the type of pizza oven that your restaurant requires.

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Your Kitchen’s Pizza Production

The majority of restaurant businesses offer pizza as a menu item, which means they have lower production levels than a pizzeria. For these restaurants, a large pizza oven isn’t necessary, as they won’t be cooking hundreds of pizzas daily. A smaller conventional or convection oven that can cook pizza as well as a larger oven, such as Celcook’s Forza Express Pizza Oven, is ideal for most restaurant businesses.

Space Inside Your Kitchen

You may not have extra space in your kitchen to house a large pizza oven. This makes smaller food warming equipment, like convection ovens, much more convenient for most restaurant businesses to include in their kitchens. Convection ovens don’t take up much space and will fill anywhere from 15 to 60 cubic feet, and will cook food quickly without sacrificing quality.

Your Budget

For many people, the deciding factor for choosing which oven to buy is the price. Pizza convection ovens are less costly than full-size pizza ovens, making them widely affordable for a wide range of foodservice businesses, including those that are just starting up. The upkeep and maintenance are also simple. In the event of a maintenance issue, Celcook’s Forza Express pizza oven comes to our warranty commitment to ensure you receive quick and efficient product service and support.

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Owning the right commercial food equipment, such as commercial microwaves and high-speed restaurant ovens, is an important part of running a successful kitchen, as they make food preparation, cooking, and warming food easier. Celcook supplies professional kitchens with a selection of high-quality food warming equipment in Canada. Contact us today to learn more and to find the best commercial microwave or high-speed restaurant oven for your kitchen.