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The Ultimate Commercial Kitchen Equipment List

The Ultimate Commercial Kitchen Equipment List

Are tired appliances hurting productivity in your commercial kitchen? Whether you need to replace old equipment or outfit a new kitchen, the list below can help. It summarizes some key pieces of equipment that many professional kitchens need.

Your kitchen staff will be able to prepare food and serve customers fast with many of the items below.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Starts with Commercial Ovens

Microwaves and restaurant ovens suit many types of professional kitchens. This includes fine dining to cafes, hotels, arenas, schools, hospitals, and more. They offer a quick turn-around time, meaning you can cook and heat food fast. Even though commercial ovens reduce cooking times, they will maintain the quality and freshness of food.

High-Speed Ovens

These ovens offer high-quality cooking results in a fraction of the time. They are ideal for busy kitchens that serve a variety of foods. Some types of high-speed ovens can combine cooking methods for even more efficiency. Some models may also include the ability to program recipes.

Microwave Ovens

Commercial microwaves are available in a variety of wattages depending on your needs. This can range from 1,000-watt models for small kitchens to around 2,000 watts for large and busy kitchens. High-capacity models are also available. Compact models are ideal for kitchens that are short on space.

High Speed Pizza Ovens

Looking to prepare pizza in record time? These ovens offer cooking speeds that are up to 50 percent faster than traditional ovens. They do this by using infrared and precisely controlled impinged air. On many pizza ovens, you can program recipes to ensure you get the same results every time.

Heated Display Cabinets

Showcase hot, fresh food that’s ready to serve. Heated display cabinets are ideal for delis, convenience stores, bakeries, and restaurants. They can hold food for hours and tempt customers with items such as pizza, wings, and pastries. Choose from countertop or floor models. You can also choose access points and front glass that suits your location.

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Owning commercial kitchen equipment is an important part of running a successful commercial kitchen. The right equipment can make preparing, warming, and cooking food easy and fast. If you’re looking to learn more about the above products, contact Celcook in Mississauga, ON. We can help you determine the best products for your commercial kitchen.

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