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What Your Commercial Kitchen Needs To Keep Food Warm

What Your Commercial Kitchen Needs To Keep Food Warm

Did you know that the temperature in the air can affect the temperature of the food dishes you serve? Not only do colder winter months mean that you need to ensure your food establishment is comfortable and warm, but you should also consider how food warming equipment can help to ensure that the food your customers eat is also kept at the right temperature.

Even when using professional kitchen equipment that can cook at high temperatures, food items and meals prepared can lose their heat fairly quickly due to cold air. So what can commercial kitchens do to keep food warm, not only in the colder months, but all year long? Let’s take a closer look at food warming equipment options that can help.

Adding Food Warming Equipment To Your Commercial Kitchen

Having the right commercial kitchen equipment can positively influence your business success. You may find that one or more of the following food warming equipment options will work best for your establishment and complement the professional kitchen equipment your staff already uses.

Food Warming Cabinets
These mobile units can hold a wide range of food trays. Circulating fans rotate warm air throughout the cabinet, which is also insulated to keep food warm after the unit is shut off.

Heated Display Cabinets
Perfect for bakeries or cafés, these cabinets can display pastries while also keeping them warm and ready to serve.

Hot Food Bars
Hot food bars can hold trays of food such as cooked vegetables, pasta dishes, or meats. The food is kept warm and ready to serve.

Heat Lamps
When you place cooked food under these lamps, they will keep your food items warm so that you can have foods ready during busy periods or when assembling a bigger order.

Commercial Microwave Ovens

Because you most likely don’t make all your food items from scratch, a commercial microwave can quickly warm pre-made food to temperature or quickly re-warm food right before it needs to be served. One benefit of using a commercial microwave oven to warm food includes better preserving the food’s nutrients by being able to use the timer feature to avoid overheating and overcooking.

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