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Why Your Restaurant Needs a Commercial Microwave

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Commercial Microwave

Many restaurants think that they can get by without a commercial microwave. And while it is possible, that decision can make things more difficult overall. When you list out all the benefits that come from having proper commercial restaurant equipment, including a commercial microwave, it’s pretty clear to see that not having one is the wrong choice!

From Michelin star restaurants to local pubs, a commercial microwave will prove to be useful for just about any food establishment. The important task is taking the time to find the right model based on your needs. The microwave best suited for your restaurant will be dependent on the volume of customers you serve on an average day as well as the type of foods you prepare. When investing in a commercial microwave, consider the capacity, the wattage, and the features included that could save time in the kitchen.

The Benefits Of Having A Commercial Microwave

Commercial kitchen equipment can really amplify the possibilities in a restaurant kitchen, and a commercial microwave is no different. Here are some of the benefits your kitchen will experience when you add a commercial microwave:

  • Ability to defrost food safely and quickly.
  • Bring a recipe together faster by not having to wait for final elements to heat on the stove.
  • Gain space (which is always at a premium) since you don’t have to use the stove to heat soups and sauces.
  • Add simple items to the menu that can be prepared using the microwave instead of adding additional burden to your stove.
  • Re-therm chilled foods and get items from the fridge to plate much faster than a water bath or steamer.
  • Reduce your energy bill. Commercial microwaves are quick and efficient and use significantly less energy to produce the same results as other commercial kitchen equipment.

A Residential Microwave Is Not The Same

Now that you’ve read about the benefits a commercial microwave can bring to your restaurant’s kitchen, don’t make the mistake of thinking a residential microwave will work just as well. Commercial microwaves differ from residential microwaves in a few very important ways:

  • Commercial microwaves meet the criteria for commercial insurance policies and health inspections.
  • Commercial microwaves are held to a higher standard during safety testing.
  • Commercial microwaves are equipped with cooling fans, transformers, control panels and heavy-duty power cords in anticipation of commercial kitchen needs. A residential microwave will burn out and become a potential hazard very quickly.
  • Commercial microwaves are more powerful and easier to program which results in consistent results you can count on.

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