Month: November 2018

How To Perfectly Cook Potatoes In Your Commercial Microwave

Whether you are operating a café, coffee shop, or a restaurant, a commercial microwave is an essential type of professional kitchen equipment for reheating, defrosting and steaming foods. But did you know you can also cook certain foods, like potatoes, in your microwave too? Here are some guidelines below to cooking perfect potatoes every time with your commercial restaurant equipment. Read More ›

How Commercial Microwaves Keep Your Guests Happy

What’s the real secret to running a successful professional kitchen? Making sure your guests are satisfied and have a positive experience when visiting your business. Of course, this includes everything from a comfortable dining area to a welcoming atmosphere to the professional and helpful staff. However, the most important way to guarantee your guests are enjoying themselves is by being focused on serving delicious food. The quality of your food is what will keep your guests coming back for more. Read More ›