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CPRE530 Rocket Express

CPRE530 Rocket Express

Model No: CPRE530 Rocket Express
Height: 25 3/8″
Width: 21″
Depth: 31 3/4″
Weight : 194 lbs
Celcook by Pratica
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Manuals:  English

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Expand your culinary offerings with a ventless high-speed oven from Celcook. Our commercial ovens use advanced technologies to deliver chef-quality results in minimal time, with user-friendly controls and simple maintenance.

Professional kitchen equipment from Celcook uses the following techniques to reduce cook times by up to 80 percent.

  • Convection heat.
  • High speed impinged air.
  • Bottom infrared.
  • Variable speed impingement airflow.

The Rocket Express ventless oven operates on the principle of combined heating methods, namely forced air (impingement), bottom heating, and microwave power. Microwave energy warms the top two to seven centimetres of the food, and thermal conduction then transfers the heat to the interior – debunking the idea that microwaves cook from the inside out.

For even more culinary possibilities, check out the recipe function of our ventless high-speed oven line. These units can store up to 1024 recipes, with six steps per recipe! Using the included USB port, you can download recipes at your leisure directly to the unit. Once the recipes are loaded, any user can quickly select and start them, without advanced knowledge of the equipment. Thanks to this ease of use and modularity, our professional kitchen equipment is a great choice for nearly any kitchen or restaurant scenario.

Cleaning is simple and efficient. You can clean the oven interior, the grid, and the air filter in minutes, using nothing more than soap, water, and oven cleaner.

The Perfect Ventless High-Speed Oven For Your Business

Looking for a high-speed, commercial microwave oven to deliver great results in minimal time? Contact Celcook today to find the perfect oven for you.

Key Features

  • Up to 1024 recipes with 6 steps per recipe
  • USB Port to upload and download recipes
  • Easy To Clean
  • Adjustable temperature from 86F to 536F
  • User friendly controls
  • Cool to touch exterior
  • Certified ventless with easy removable catalytic converter
  • Variable speed impingement airflow
  • Allows use of metal pans
  • Ventless side panels allow for zero side clearance installation