Heated Display Cabinets

What Are Heated Display Cabinets?

If you are in the food business, presentation plays a big part. Heated display cabinets make it convenient for all the restaurants, delis, café's, convenience stores, and bakeries to showcase pizzas, entrees, chicken wings, muffins, pastries, and more while keeping items warm and ready to serve. These displays boost impulse purchases as customers can take a good look at the warm, delicious, and freshly made items.

These displays are great for holding food items for long hours. The clear display and LED lighting make them elegant and sophisticated. The heated display cabinets have either front or rear doors. The front doors are used where the facility is offering self-service, while the rear doors are used where the staff members can refill or remove items as per the situation.

Where Can I Buy From?

What are the different types of heated display cabinets?

  • Countertop display case: This type only requires a regular power supply else; they could be placed at any convenient location.
  • Drop-in display case: These cases can be fit to the counter by using a flush mount and the heating mechanism is not visible.
  • Floor display case: They are designed for long term use and are placed on the floor. These cases are designed for high volume use and can store a large number of items.

How To Choose The Right Display Cabinet?

If you are opening a new business or adding a piece of new commercial equipment to your existing business, every single dollar counts, and you would want to get the maximum return on your investment. For this reason, making the right choice when buying a heated display cabinet becomes important. Here are some of the factors that you should consider when you are planning to buy commercial food warmer for your business:

Type of Food

The type of food that will be displayed helps you finalize the size and functionality of the display cabinet. You could choose the size of the refrigerated section, heated section, or a dual-temperature model. Some food items also need to be kept dry to taste good and, in such instances, you will have to look for a display cabinet with humidity control.

The Shape of Front Glass

Display cabinets with straight glass provide a clearer display of the food that is kept inside and allow direct access to the items. Curved glass cabinets provide more space inside and are easy to clean. The curve helps circulate the heat throughout the case and allows people to see all around the food item being displayed.

Access Points

There are two types of doors available in display cabinets, front and back. The front doors are used at places where customers have the option to pick the food themselves. Whereas, the back doors allow access to the food to staff members only and it also keeps customers safe from getting accidentally burned. Some cabinets also allow both types of accesses so the customers can serve themselves and the staff members can restock.

Celcook's Heated Display Cabinets

Celcook - Celcook Heated Cabinets & Display Cases
Celcook - Celcook Heated Cabinets & Display Cases

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