High Speed Ovens

What Are High-Speed Ovens?

A high-speed oven is commercial cooking equipment that can cook food faster than regular convection ovens or grills. They are more powerful and compact, and professional ovens that provide accelerated cooking in less time without harming the taste or texture of the food in any way.

They are a combination of multiple cooking energies that includes convection cooking, impingement, microwave, and radiant heat. They can be used to cook any type of food and are generally 5-20 times faster than regular microwave or convection ovens.

These ovens are majorly used for commercial purposes or at places where there’s a demand for a high volume of food. In general, hybrid microwave ovens can be found at hotels, convenience stores, quick-serve restaurants, cafeterias, hospitals and more.

How Can I Get My Own?

What Types of High-Speed Ovens Are Available?

  • Microwave: It is one of the most common types of cooking features available in most Speed ovens. The cooking is fast and efficient as most of the cooking is done via microwave which cooks the food evenly without leaving any cold spots.
  • Convection: For many food items, microwaves are not enough and many who use microwave ovens can back this claim. A convection oven circulates air to ensure that heat is distributed evenly. Because of this, a pizza will have a crispy base and properly cooked toppings.
  • Impingement: This is the latest technology of Speed ovens that reduces cooking time drastically. The jets of superheated air are fired directly onto the food for it to get cooked in less time and have a nice freshly grilled appearance.
  • Infra-red: Like impingement, infra-red or radiant cooking also reduces the cooking time dramatically, but unlike impingement, it does not blow superheated air directly but in a gentler way. This feature is available in advanced Speed ovens and is useful to cook delicate desserts or fish.

How To Choose The Correct High-Speed Oven?

To make sure your rapid cook microwave oven matches the needs of your kitchen, we recommend considering these factors before you make a choice:


The more powerful your oven, the faster it will cook. So, based on what you are serving and how patient your customers can be, you can make the choice.


This depends on the type of food that you are planning to cook. These Speed ovens can be very compact to be used to cook small items or you can opt for bigger models that can cook extra-large pizzas, for example.


As Rapid Cook Microwave Ovens are used mostly for commercial purposes, their high volumes of food can easily leave some smoke and grease behind. It's always safe to place an overhead vent above these ovens to ensure there is no residue. Some models come with a built-in catalytic converter and they do not need dedicated vents.

Doors and Programs

The type of door makes it easy for you to put in and take out the food. You can make that choice depending on where you are planning to keep the oven. Another factor is the default cooking modules. Depending on what you are planning to serve, you can reduce the hassle if those items can be found on the menu. Celcook offers the ability to upload pre-programmable options from a USB (for most models) for your regular menu items.

These Rapid Cook Microwave Ovens reduce the waiting time for your customers. It can help restaurants to serve freshly made food faster. If you are having any doubts about finding the perfect speed oven for your kitchen, get in touch with us.

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