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Combi Oven Commercial

What Are Commercial Combination Ovens?

A combination oven is one of the most versatile commercial ovens on the market. They offer three functions: convection, steam, and a combination of both. The convection mode circulates dry heat across the oven while the steam mode injects water that can be used to poach fish, rice, meat, and vegetables.

But what makes the commercial combi oven special is the combination mode where both the dry heat and steam are used together to cook food at a perfect temperature and humidity. The humidity levels are controlled to ensure that the food gets the perfect texture and taste. This helps in maintaining the moisture levels in food and stops the mixing of flavours when you are cooking multiple items together.

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    Features of Combi Ovens

    Humidity control allows to maintain the ideal cooking atmosphere in the oven and prevents food from shrinkage and moisture loss. This allows chefs to cook at higher temperatures without worrying about the food getting burnt or excessively dry.

    These ovens are of great use in many facilities like bakeries, restaurants, bistros, or cafés. Commercial combination ovens can cook meat, vegetables, cookies, pizzas, casseroles, seafood and more.

    Benefits of Commercial Combi Oven

    A commercial combination oven offers the convenience of two essential kitchen appliances together and at the same time saves time and space. They require considerable investment but when you weigh the benefits; they appear to be a worthy purchase. A combi oven can be considered a smart investment because of the following reasons:

    • They can be set at very low temperatures thus avoiding the need for proofers, holding cabinets, and slow cookers. They can also be used for roasting, steaming, sous vide, smoking, braising, baking, rethermalizing, and oven frying.
    • Comparatively, they can be a bit more expensive than an individual steamer or convection oven, but they can help by saving space in your kitchen.
    • With advanced controls, chefs can cook with more control and have the perfect results without the extra efforts.
    • They are great for cooking meat as the dry heat cooks the meat quickly and the steam allows to maintain that perfect moisture to keep it juicy and tender.

    Combi Oven Cleaning and Maintenance

    As with any commercial microwave oven, investing time in the maintenance of a Commercial Combi Oven can save future expenses. Here are some points that should be followed while cleaning your combi oven:

    • It is good to get the oven serviced at least once every 6 months.
    • Keeping a close eye on the drain screen is important as the leftovers can clog the drainage and damage the oven in the long run.
    • Make sure that the water that is fed into the oven is filtered as minerals may deposit in the lines and can lower the overall performance.
    • Keep an eye on the self-cleaning instructions. Commercial Combi Ovens are different than regular ovens and it is advisable to follow the instructions mentioned in the user manual.
    • Replace the water filter on time to maintain the food’s taste.

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