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Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Cooking Equipment

Establishing a new restaurant can be quite the task, especially when dealing with one of the most overwhelming and important aspects – choosing your commercial restaurant equipment and Commercial Kitchen Equipment. When outfitting a brand-new restaurant and professional kitchen, you will need everything from a new oven range to a commercial microwave oven to dishes, flatware, and everything in-between.

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    The Basics Of Outfitting Your Professional Kitchen

    When outfitting your brand-new professional kitchen with commercial food equipment, it is best in the long-term to purchase brand-new equipment, instead of considering second-hand or leasing options.

    A few benefits of purchasing brand-new commercial kitchen equipment include reduced maintenance, longer warranties (all Celcook products come with a comprehensive 3-year limited warranty), better performance, and improved efficiency. Ultimately though, it’s best to review your budget and needs to ensure brand-new commercial kitchen equipment is best for you to start off with.

    A professional restaurant kitchen requires a wide array of equipment, often in a small, cramped, or otherwise awkward space. Therefore, a restaurant kitchen requires careful planning, to maximize space and promote efficiency.

    Professional kitchens require certain basic commercial restaurant equipment and Commercial Kitchen Equipment in order to be successful, such as refrigeration systems, small coolers, massive walk-in refrigerators and freezers, microwave ovens, and everything in between. Additionally, professional kitchens require a great deal of industrial-strength equipment, including hoods and ventilation systems, commercial stoves, and safety equipment.

    Opening a new restaurant can become overwhelming, especially when it feels like you have a million things to do to prepare for your opening. However, it’s important to prioritize your commercial restaurant equipment and ensure that you have all the basic equipment to meet your needs. Here are a few basic suggestions to get you started.

    Commercial Cooking Equipment

    • Commercial restaurant ranges
    • Commercial fryers
    • Commercial grills
    • Steam cooking equipment
    • Toasters and breakfast equipment
    • Commercial rice cookers and rice warmers

    Food Holding and Warming Equipment

    • Holding and proofing cabinets
    • Countertop food warmers
    • Commercial steam tables
    • Cold food tables

    Commercial Worktables

    • Worktables with undershelf
    • Open base worktables
    • Equipment stands

    Dish Washing & Waste Disposal Equipment

    • Commercial dishwashers
    • Single rack dishwashers
    • Double rack dishwashers
    • Under counter dishwashers
    • Glass washer and polisher machines
    • Booster heaters
    • Dish tables
    • Dish cabinets
    • Garbage disposals
    • Waste pulpers and extractors
    • Grease traps

    Storage & Transport

    • Food storage containers and jars
    • Ingredient bins and canisters
    • Plastic and metal utility and bus carts
    • Serving carts
    • Beverage service carts
    • Sheet pan racks
    • Dunnage racks
    • Drying racks
    • Steam table pan racks
    • Food delivery bags

    Refrigeration Equipment

    • Reach-in refrigerators and freezers
    • Refrigerated prep tables
    • Bar refrigeration
    • Undercounter refrigerators
    • Worktop refrigerators
    • Ice machines

    Food Preparation

    • Commercial and food blenders
    • Commercial immersion blenders
    • Commercial French fry cutters
    • Meat slicers
    • Commercial food processors
    • Commercial mixers

    Beverage Equipment

    • Commercial coffee makers and brewers
    • Beer dispensers
    • Granita and slushy machines
    • Underbar equipment

    Restaurant Shelving

    • Regency Shelving
    • Shelf Baskets
    • Merchandising Racks
    • Mobile Shelving Posts
    • Specialty Shelving
    • Shelving (wall and stands)
    • Microwave Shelves
    • Shelves with Pot Racks
    • Wine racks

    Food Display and Merchandising

    • Popcorn equipment
    • Vending carts and accessories
    • Vending kiosks and accessories
    • Snow cone machines
    • Commercial ice shavers
    • Hot dog equipment
    • Condiment, topping & sauce warmers
    • Cotton candy machines
    • Countertop pizza warmers
    • Nacho chip merchandisers and dispensers

    Commercial Ovens

    • Commercial convection ovens
    • Conveyor ovens
    • Impinger ovens
    • Commercial microwave ovens
    • Combination ovens

    Commercial Sinks

    • One compartment sink
    • Two compartment sinks
    • Three compartment sinks
    • Four compartment sinks
    • Wall-mount hand sinks
    • Hands-free hand sinks
    • Pedestal base hand sinks
    • Hand sink carts
    • 1 bowl underbar sinks
    • 2 bowl underbar sinks
    • 3 bowl underbar sinks
    • 4 bowl underbar sinks

    Commercial Ice Machines

    • Air cooled ice machines
    • Combination ice and water dispenser machines
    • Remote condenser ice machines
    • Undercounter ice machines
    • Water cooled ice machines
    • Clear ice block makers and liners

    Celcook is one of the popular commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Canada. Apart from commercial pizza ovens, we also provide high-quality, high-speed commercial microwave ovens. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can make your commercial kitchen more efficient.