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Commercial Pizza Oven and Industrial Pizza Oven

Canada’s Best Commercial Pizza Ovens

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in Canada. You can find a pizzeria at almost any street corner. Even if it’s not a pizzeria, if it’s on your menu, you should invest in a quality commercial pizza oven in Canada for your restaurant, to have those pies and slices of bread just right. They come in many sizes and most of them are rectangular shaped.

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    Types of Commercial Pizza Ovens

    Brick Ovens

    If you are planning to serve pizzas that are authentic, rustic, and crispy, the ideal choice would be brick ovens. These traditional ovens are fueled by wooden fire but options like gas and coal are also available. One important thing to consider is brick ovens can take up to 45 minutes to preheat.

    Deck Ovens

    If you are low on budget or space, deck ovens are a reliable replacement for brick ovens. They deliver authentic taste and cook efficiently. Fitted with stone shelves, where the pizza is supposed to be placed, a burner heats the individual stones, cooking the pizza on each deck.

    Conveyor Ovens

    Conveyor Ovens is a good option for restaurants that do not have to put out hundreds of pizzas or pies every day. They are convenient but offer slower cooking. There are two types of conveyor ovens – countertop industrial pizza ovens, which use radiant heat, and full-size freestanding units which use forced-air heating.

    Convection Ovens

    Any restaurant that serves pizza daily can benefit from a freestanding convection oven or countertop convection oven. The hot air is circulated throughout the entire oven that delivers even cooking. They use less heat than other conventional ovens and helps in saving energy.

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    How To Choose The Best Commercial Pizza Oven In Canada

    Now that you know the types of commercial pizza ovens out there, it's time to understand how to make a perfect choice. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that you should consider:

    Electric vs Gas Pizza Ovens

    All the options above come with the option of gas and electric. However, there are some slight differences between gas and electric pizza ovens. Gas ovens are better when you are working on high volumes. They also produce a crispier crust and cook the rest of the pizza evenly. On the other hand, electric ovens provide more mobility in case you are running a food truck or mobile cart. They are also easy to install especially, if your place does not have a gas connection.

    Available Space

    One of the very first things that you should consider before buying a commercial pizza oven is the available space. Also, some ovens require some extra space on sides to disperse the heat that they generate. If your kitchen is compact, then opting for a convection or deck oven would be the smart choice. Conveyer and brick oven often require more space.

    Your Pizza Production

    Having a clear idea about how much pizza you need to produce is a big factor in deciding the type of pizza oven you should buy. For huge quantities, conveyor ovens are the best choice. If you have a moderate amount of orders to fulfill, you can opt for brick or deck pizza ovens. For restaurants who only get occasional orders, convection ovens are the ideal choice.

    Your Budget

    Portable and countertop ovens cost in the range of $100-$10,000. They’re ideal for food trucks, concession stands, and other places that are limited in space. If there is a crunch for countertop room, they can also be placed on top of each other to save some space. Convection ovens can cost between $1,200-$10,000 and are considered as the best choice for small restaurants. For restaurants that handle multiple orders at one-time conveyor pizza ovens can be a good choice, they are slightly more expensive and can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $30,000.

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