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Essential Commercial Microwave Maintenance Tips

Essential Commercial Microwave Maintenance Tips

Once you’ve stocked your kitchen with an array of delicious foods and commercial cooking equipment, including a commercial microwave, you might think you’re ready to start your business. However, there are a few things you should know about running and maintaining your commercial microwave in Canada to ensure it works properly for years to come.

Clean Your Microwave Regularly
Because your commercial microwave’s door is frequently closed, you might not notice that it needs to be cleaned. However, you should be wiping down your commercial microwave every time you clean your kitchen. Small bits of food and splatters absorb some of the energy while your commercial microwave is on, which means not cleaning it regularly will negatively affect its performance.

Use Microwave Safe Containers
Containers that are specially made to be used in microwaves will help protect your commercial microwave from accumulating food debris. It’s also important to use containers that are labelled microwave safe, because regular plastic containers will start to degrade, which could damage your commercial microwave and release harmful chemicals.

Always Avoid Metal
Never put metal in a microwave, including aluminum. Not only will metal dishes and containers result in uneven cooking, they could damage your commercial microwave. Putting metal in microwaves also presents a serious fire hazard.

Secure Your Microwave Door
The microwave door keeps the radiation waves inside the unit, which means you need to take care that the door is securely closed. However, you also need to use the door properly to avoid damaging it. If you open the door too many times without turning off your commercial microwave, you could blow a safety fuse. Slamming the door shut can also damage the latch that secures the door.

Follow Weight Restrictions
Be mindful not to use heavy dishware when microwaving food. You should also monitor the weight of frozen foods if you’re trying to heat up large quantities at once.

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