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How to Cook Dense Foods in a Commercial Microwave

How to Cook Dense Foods in a Commercial Microwave

Commercial Microwaves are one of the most popular types of commercial kitchen equipment for cooking and defrosting foods in a flash in the food industry businesses. It makes sense to use them too – commercial microwaves are convenient, quick, and easy to use!

Cooking With Your Microwave

While there are a variety of ways you can cook food using your commercial cooking equipment – such as boiling and steaming – many studies suggest that microwaving may be the healthiest way to cook dense foods which are full of nutrients.

Microwaves have short cooking times and heat from the inside out, which in turn results in less destruction of good nutrients in dense foods. This means that by using a commercial microwave, professional kitchens can cook just about anything, including vegetables, rice, meat, and eggs.

Delicious food cooked by commercial oven

Boost Nutrition and Safety With These Tips

If you are regularly cooking with your commercial microwave (which you should be!) then here are a few tips you can follow when using your commercial kitchen equipment:

Cook Different Types of Food Properly

If you are cooking moisture-rich foods, such as vegetables, in your commercial microwave, be sure to microwave them in as little water as possible in order to prevent them from getting soggy and retaining as much of their nutrition as possible.

If you are cooking foods that can easily dry out, like pasta and rice, you can keep your dishes moist by splashing the dish with a bit of water before heating it up, or by placing a damp paper towel on top of the dish in the microwave to add extra moisture.

Heat Food the Right Way

When heating up food in the microwave there are a few things you want to be sure to keep in mind. First, don’t pile all your food in the centre of your dish. Instead, spread it in a circle spreading close to the outer edges of the container in order to heat the food evenly.

If you need to heat up more food than your microwave can handle, it is best to heat up smaller portions at a time. Use your commercial warming oven to keep the food at the right temperature in order to serve guests together.

Before heating your food up, it’s important to check that you have placed your meal in microwave-safe dishes. Containers made of glass, ceramic and silicone are typically used. However, in order to keep your meal contained and avoid the risk of potentially harmful chemicals leaching into your hot food, check the container to see if it has a symbol confirming it can be used in the microwave.

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