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Differences Between Commercial and Domestic Microwaves

Differences Between Commercial and Domestic Microwaves

When operating a professional kitchen, one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have in your kitchen is a microwave. Commercial  Microwaves can help heat and defrost food quickly to serve to your guests.

However, many restaurants make the mistake of trying to use domestic microwaves, which will not suffice, in a professional cooking environment. They are quick to realize that an ordinary home microwave just isn’t going to cut it if they want to be successful and keep their patrons happy.

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Here are some of the major differences between domestic and commercial microwaves, and why a commercial microwave is a superior choice for your kitchen.

Turntable vs. No Turntable

If you have a microwave in your home, you may have noticed the spinning turntable inside it. This allows heat from a domestic microwave to evenly warm up your food. Inside a commercial oven, a turntable is not necessary as their microwave energy distributions move to ensure even distribution of energy. This way it doesn’t disturb the food on the platter and ensures more even cooking.

Light vs. Heavy Usage

If you’re cooking at home, you are probably cooking only for yourself and your family most times. Therefore, domestic microwaves are designed for only light usage. However, in a professional kitchen setting, businesses could be serving hundreds, if not thousands, of guests every day. Commercial ovens, therefore, are designed for heavier usage that allows them to be operated continuously for multiple hours a day.

Slower vs. Faster Cooking Time

The best commercial microwaves can pack quite the punch, versus a domestic microwave. The biggest reason for this is due to greater power ratings. Most domestic microwaves only have a power rating of 700 – 900 watts, while the best commercial microwaves are rated between 900 – 2200 watts. This difference in power can drastically speed up cooking times, which can make a huge difference if you have hundreds of guests to serve.


Most businesses in Mississauga that choose to have a domestic microwave in their professional kitchens usually do so due to the cost. Domestic microwaves simply aren’t built to last long while handling heavy usage. The best commercial microwaves, however, are a worthwhile investment in terms of quality, endurance, and speed.

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