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4 Benefits To Having A Commercial Microwave Oven In 2019

4 Benefits To Having A Commercial Microwave Oven In 2019

When you think of the most essential restaurant equipment in a professional kitchen, what comes to mind? Perhaps a microwave oven? This should be high on your list because commercial microwave ovens are among the most functional commercial food equipment in a professional kitchen.

Commercial Microwave Ovens Are Safe

  • These ovens are built with safety in mind.  In a busy kitchen where customer service and delivery of high-quality food is key, the safety of both your staff and your customers is your responsibility and must be prioritized.
  • These ovens are specifically built for use in professional kitchens.  They are quick, reliable and cook food more evenly.
  • Specially designed for professional kitchens, they are built safer from the beginning.  Manufacturers put them through more rigorous safety testing than a residential/standard microwave would go through.

Commercial Microwave Ovens Are Built To Last

  • Depending upon your restaurant’s usage, investing in high-quality Commercial food equipment becomes a necessity. A high-quality Commercial microwave makes the top of the list.  Most restaurant owners and busy commercial kitchen environments may look specifically for commercial microwaves, that is long-lasting and can withstand frequent use.
  • A commercial oven has cooling fans, transformers, control panels, heavy-duty power cords, and commercial-quality relays.
  • Restaurants, hospitals, retirement residences are a few examples of busy kitchens and they must feel confident that the microwave oven in their kitchen has been built and tested to meet the specifications and will allow them to serve busy crowds with ease and excellence.

Commercial Microwave Ovens Are Easy To Program

  • A commercial oven allows programming your microwave for specific needs is an essential requirement for a professional kitchen.
  • They can be equipped with 10-touchpad programmable control panel with the ability to program 100 menu items. (Celcook’s Commercial Microwave Oven model CEL1200HT is a great choice when you are looking for more programming)
  • Their easy-to-use programming menu helps create higher efficiency and provide a consistently cooked product every time, on time. Imagine no wastage and huge savings of time, what would that do to your restaurant business or a commercial kitchen’s productivity.
  • Celcook offers a huge selection of microwaves for high-speed, heavy-volume restaurant kitchens that allow not just even cooking but defrosting as well.

Commercial Microwave Ovens Are Powerful

  • These powerful ovens operate at higher speeds and bring the food to its cooked temperature. Whether it’s reheating or defrosting, you should never worry about slowing down.
  • A commercial microwave oven can provide you with faster heating so you can get your food out to customers as soon as possible.

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