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Commercial Microwave Ovens of the Future!

Commercial Microwave Ovens of the Future!

Restaurant ovens rank high on the list of equipment that’s crucial for commercial kitchens. Specifically, microwave ovens are key. These ovens can withstand heavy use in busy professional kitchens, allowing staff to prepare food fast for waiting guests.

Their safe, durable construction makes them a functional piece of equipment for many types of food-service establishments. However, these ovens come with additional features that take them to the next level.

If you’re looking into a commercial microwave for your business, consider some of the notable features below.

Cooking Speed

Arguably, one of the most impressive features of a microwave is its ability to heat and cook food fast. You can rely on these ovens for their speed so that you can deliver food to customers in good time. Their efficiency, along with their durability, makes them ideal for busy commercial kitchens. And if you need something that works even faster, you can invest in a high-speed oven.

Stackable Units

In high-volume kitchens where you need more than one microwave, be sure to consider units that are stackable. Space is likely a valuable resource in your commercial kitchen. With units that stack, you can place microwaves on top of each other and save much-needed space for food preparation.

Simple Cleaning

Microwaves are an ideal type of restaurant oven due to their easy cleaning. Their design makes it easy to access all areas of the oven. For simple cleaning, use mild detergent and a cloth, then rinse and wipe dry.

Programmable Features

Some models of commercial microwaves come equipped with a system that allows you to program menu items and their recipe settings. The handy feature makes it quick and easy to execute recipes when you’re ready to cook. Plus, with the ovens following a set recipe, your kitchen staff will be sure to achieve consistent results each time they prepare that dish.

Microwaves for Every Kitchen

The range of microwaves available for your professional kitchen includes everything from compact ovens to high-capacity ovens. You’ll be sure to find a model suited for your business. Be sure to consider how much space you have available and the volume of food your team needs to prepare in order to select your ideal oven(s).

Choose Celcook Commercial Microwaves for Professional Kitchens

There are many more benefits to commercial microwave ovens. To learn about specific models, we invite you to reach out to us at Celcook in Mississauga, ON. We are a supplier of high-quality cooking equipment for professional kitchens in Canada.

We invite you to contact our team in Mississauga, ON, to learn about our range of microwaves and the impressive features that will bring cooking power to your commercial kitchen.