Did you know that most dishes found on restaurant menus can be prepared in a combination oven? However, many professional kitchens still utilize traditional food warming equipment, such as large ovens. Combination ovens are multi-functioning machines that can help you save space, reduce extra labour, and increase the overall productivity of your kitchen. Let’s explore the features of Celcook’s line of high-speed combination ovens to help you decide which is best for your kitchen’s needs:

The Chef Express Rapid Cook Oven

The Chef Express rapid cook oven utilizes a combination of convection heat, high-speed impinged air, bottom infrared, and precision microwave to reduce cook times by more than 80% with chef-quality results. Chef Express rapid cook ovens are also equipped with a removable catalytic converter, which breaks down grease-laden vapours, allowing for ventless operation, as well as ventless side panels allowing for zero side clearance installation.

This restaurant oven is perfect for busy kitchens that need to quickly cook a variety of foods, such as schools, restaurants, and hotels. The Chef Express additionally features USB programing to hold as much as 80 recipes with up to 6 steps, as well as an adjustable temperature range, user-friendly controls, and is easy to clean, allowing the use of metal pans.

The Rocket Express Rapid Cook Oven

The Rocket Express rapid cook oven utilizes bottom infrared, high-speed impinged air, convection heat, and precision microwave power to dramatically reduce cooking times by more than 80%. With top-quality results, the Rocket Express rapid cook ovens allow for ventless operation through a removable catalytic converter which breaks down grease-laden vapors, as well as ventless side panels to allow for zero side clearance installation.

This combination oven is perfect for cooking a variety of foods in a short amount of time inside busy kitchens located in arenas, restaurants, and airports. The Rocket Express additionally features a USB port to upload/download up to 1024 recipes with 6 steps per recipe, as well as an adjustable temperature range and user-friendly controls. This oven additionally allows the use of metal pans and is easy to clean.

Celcook: High-Speed Combination Ovens & Commercial Microwave Ovens In Canada

Professional kitchens need to be able to cook food quickly with chef-quality results to be successful, which means using the right professional kitchen equipment. This is where Celcook steps in! Celcook offers a selection of professional food warming equipment, including high-quality commercial microwave ovens and high-speed ovens. We guarantee the quality and reliability of our products and offer a comprehensive 3-year limited warranty on all our microwave products. Contact us today to learn more and to find the best professional kitchen equipment for you.