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How Can Celcook Products Help My Take-Out Business?

How Can Celcook Products Help My Take-Out Business?

One of the biggest investments that restaurant-owners make takes place in the kitchen. Whether you are opening or upgrading, commercial kitchen equipment is essential for busy take-out businesses. Professional equipment can help streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enable you to serve more customers fast.

Celcook makes it easy by choosing the best designed and more reliable brands. While we’re located in Mississauga, ON, we are a leading Canada-wide distributor of commercial kitchen equipment. Below are a few ways that some key pieces of equipment from Celcook can help your take-out business.

High-Speed Ovens

As their name suggests, these ovens are designed to cook food fast. Even though they cook in less time, your take-out food won’t suffer. You’ll get powerful cooking without compromising taste or texture. Their compact size makes them perfect for busy and small kitchens. High-speed ovens are designed for high-volume environments. The recipe function is also ideal for pre-programming cooking instructions.

Heated Display Cabinets

Heated display cabinets serve many purposes. They can keep food warm for long hours so that you’re always ready to serve. They also help with presentation value and contribute to impulse purchases. Your customers won’t be able to resist food that’s hot and ready for them.

Commercial Pizza Ovens

If you’re looking to prepare pizza in record time, commercial pizza ovens are the solution. They offer cooking speeds of up to 50 percent faster than traditional ovens. Many techniques help to shorten cooking time. This includes precisely controlled impinged air, infrared heating, and ventless cooking. Plus, you can program your oven with up to 80 recipes for quick execution.

  • Celcook by Pratica – CPFE608 Forza Express Pizza Oven

Commercial Microwave Ovens

Compact microwaves and high-capacity microwaves will streamline equipment in your kitchen. Your staff will be able to cook or heat up food in seconds. Overall, commercial microwave ovens are made to reduce cooking times without compromising the quality of food.

If you’re looking to improve the equipment in your take-out kitchen, contact us. You don’t have to be located in Mississauga, ON. We serve restaurant equipment and institutional foodservice markets through a national dealer network.

We invite you to discover our range of quality, professional kitchen equipment.