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Pro’s and Con’s of Using Commercial Pizza Ovens at Home

Pro’s and Con’s of Using Commercial Pizza Ovens at Home

The dilemma hits. You want authentic restaurant quality pizza for dinner but aren’t sure that a commercial pizza oven is the right purchase for your home. Let us take you through the deciding factors for buying your commercial pizza oven in Mississauga or Canada. The first step is to assess your budget. What are you willing to spend on the commercial oven for pizza? Next, ask yourself what available space do you have in your kitchen for this oven and would the appliance feasibility fit. You also have to wonder about the safety of the oven, overheating, gas and electric functionality, and the speed and efficiency that you wish to cook pizzas.  Are you serving over 100 pizzas a day, or is the pizza oven more for pizza parties with friends and family? We are going to cover the pros and cons of the conveyor or convection oven below. These are the only two ovens that will fit in your home and cook great pizzas.

Factors to think about before buying a pizza oven in Mississauga

Conveyor Ovens or Convection Ovens: Size, Price, Cooking Features & Efficiency


These commercial ovens for pizzas are freestanding or fit on countertops.  They have easy installation, and no exhaust hookup is required. They are ideal for kitchens limited on space, but for individuals who still want to cook up a tasty pie. As well, they are multi-purpose, so they can be used to reheat bread or cook pastries and pies. A convenient feature of the conveyor oven is it’s tough to under or overcook with it, so you don’t have to worry about charring food in this appliance. Another selling feature is their easy recipe programming and standardization to cook specific foods. Some convection pizza ovens even have a USB port to upload and export recipes. Another benefit of a convection oven is their efficiency. Due to the technology of the convection oven, they can heat your pizza or food very quickly.


The conveyor pizza oven and convection ovens are very convenient commerical ovens for pizzas. However, they do have their downsides. They are great for small kitchens, yet they can only cook one pizza at a time. Additionally, conveyor ovens have slower cooking times than convection ovens. As well, gas-fired ovens can get expensive to fuel at home and can get drastically hotter than a conventional home oven. Lastly, the rustic wood flavour isn’t present as you need the wood-burning oven and the wood baking stone to create that authentic Italian taste.

Where to buy your commercial pizza oven?

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