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Get the Right Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Your Business

Get the Right Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Your Business

Celcook is all about helping you and your business find ways to make your kitchen more efficient than ever. We have compiled a list of appliances, high speed ovens and other equipment that will take your professional kitchen from good to great. The right commercial kitchen equipment is essential to the success of your food service enterprise. The experts at Celcook can guide you about what restaurant kitchen equipment in Mississauga will work for your kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment That You Need to Succeed

High Speed Combination Ovens

A high speed combination oven is a great addition to your kitchen. The combination oven offers a three in one feature of microwave, radiant heat, and impingement air. This allows you to cook a variety of foods in one oven including: baked goods, pizza, fish, meat, vegetables, casseroles and more. Here are 3 options from Celcook: the Chef Express, Rocket Express and the COPA Express. Additionally, these ovens are ventless, offer easy installation and have no overheating issues.

Efficient Microwave Ovens

A great solution to a smaller kitchen in need of commercial grade equipment is a high-speed microwave oven. The compact microwave oven can fit on your countertop or be built into a wall unit or shelf. They come in 1000-watt, 1200-watt, 1800-watt or 2100 watt. The 1000-watt is great for businesses who want to reheat food or beverages. The larger wattages are better to reheat a variety of foods. The 1000-watt microwave oven (not the compact version), is great for cooks that want to keep food warm and reheat food or beverages. Lastly, the high-capacity microwave oven cooks 20 times faster.

Heated Display Cabinets & Commercial Kitchen Products

Do you host a lot of events? Do you cook a lot of food that needs to stay warm, but have nowhere to put it? You may want to invest in small heated display cabinets to keep your food warm while hosting events. Secondly, you may want to invest in high-speed mixers, meat slicers or other commercial kitchen equipment to make your food prep easier on your staff. These appliances allow for more efficient and high-volume slicing, dicing and mixing.

Shop for Professional Kitchen Equipment at Celcook Today

There are multiple solutions to bring high-quality restaurant kitchen equipment into your Mississauga business. Whether you want to cook food at a higher capacity, cook food more efficiently or find a product that warms your food, Celcook has the appliance for you. Contact us to shop for high-quality commercial kitchen products and appliances.