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Seven Maintenance Tips for Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Seven Maintenance Tips for Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Commercial restaurant equipment can make or break any business that deals in food preparation for public consumption. Your commercial cooking equipment should be designed for long-term, heavy usage and accommodate the volume and variety of foods prepared.

Maintenance for Efficiency, Longevity

How you care for your commercial food appliances is a big factor in how long and how well your commercial restaurant equipment investment will serve you. And make no mistake, your kitchen appliances are an investment, so treat them as such. For example, your microwaves should be used according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Commercial microwave maintenance includes:

  • Attention to weight restrictions.
  • No metal – if there’s metal in or around a container, it’s not microwaveable.

Regular maintenance includes regular cleaning for the best possible performance. Here are seven maintenance and cleaning tips for your commercial restaurant equipment:

  1. Clean your appliances every day. Not only does this prevent grime and food buildup, health inspectors will examine your commercial food equipment and they expect it to be clean!
  2. Complete and return the manufacturer’s warranty card for your new equipment as soon as possible. Parts and labour are likely available, but the warranty will be nullified if you do not complete the registration.
  3. Don’t attempt DIY (do-it-yourself) repair, especially if your commercial cooking equipment is still under warranty. Even if it isn’t, repairs are best done by a trained professional.
  4. Follow stainless steel cleaning instructions, too. Most commercial restaurant equipment is made of or includes stainless steel parts, which can corrode, stain, and tarnish.
  5. Schedule ‘deep cleaning’ days for your equipment, perhaps monthly or semi-annually. This is important so you can get to the hard-to-reach places where food particles can accumulate. You may consider a service provider for ongoing support and maintenance.
  6. When an appliance part appears to be worn out, replace it sooner, not later. It may not be a problem now but can create a bigger problem if you delay.
  7. You and all your kitchen employees should read each appliance’s owner’s manual. If it is available online, make that a training requirement for new hires. Misuse is one of the leading causes of commercial restaurant equipment failure and can nullify the warranty. Include a hands-on training session for your employees, as well.

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