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Five Myths About Microwaves

Five Myths About Microwaves

How much do you know really about microwaves? While they may be everyone’s favourite kitchen tool to quickly cook delicious food, several myths about microwaves have persisted since their debut in 1967.

Does microwaving food make it less nutritious?

Microwaving food doesn’t change its nutritional content any more than other methods of cooking. Some nutrients, such as vitamin C, omega 3 fatty acids, and some antioxidants, are sensitive to heat and will break down no matter how the food is cooked. Microwaving can actually be better than some other cooking methods because cooking food in water causes nutrients to leach into the water.

Are microwaves safe?

Some old wives’ tales that claim microwaves are unhealthy still circulate the Internet. The name ‘microwave’ came about because it emits microwaves, which are a type of electromagnetic radiation, to heat up food. All these microwaves do is cause the molecules in the food to move around, and the molecular motion is what causes food to get hotter. The microwaves are also mostly contained within the oven, and any waves that leak out are far below a level that could hurt you.

Can microwaves thoroughly cook any type of food?

The heat from a microwave penetrates about 1 inch, and the rest of the food relies on heat transfer to warm up. This means it’s great for cooking foods like vegetables, sandwiches, pizza, soups, and more. But some thicker foods, such as raw meat, can’t be completely cooked by microwave. Microwaves can be used to quickly thaw raw meat before cooking it in the oven.

Can I microwave plastic?

It’s recommended to avoid microwaving plastic and transfer food into microwave-safe containers before cooking, such as glass or ceramic dishes. Many plastics don’t respond well to heat because heat can cause the chemical structure of the plastic to start to break down. This means chemicals from the plastic, like BPA and phthalates, could leach into your food. Containers labeled as ‘microwave-safe’ are easily accessible and are the best option when microwaving foods or drinks.

Can I only defrost or heat up food in the microwave?

The Internet is brimming with recipes for easy microwave cooking. If you’re only using your microwave to defrost and warm up food, you’re missing out on a range of cooking possibilities. Try something new and test out some tasty and convenient microwave-based recipes.

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