3 Food Safety Tips When Using Professional Kitchen Equipment

Running a commercial kitchen can be a lot of work, from managing staff to ensuring that you are keeping guests satisfied. But one of the most important things to keep in mind for running a high-quality kitchen is to ensure your guests and employees safe. A guest or employee getting sick (or worse) can lead to negative reviews, or even worse, getting your business completely shut down. Read More ›

What To Look Out For When Setting Up And Using Your Commercial Oven

Did you know that a restaurant oven is one of the most vital parts of your food industry business? A malfunctioning restaurant oven can produce food delays, which translate to business losses, and can even be a safety hazard for you, your employees, and your customers alike. Read More ›

Boost Your Professional Canadian Kitchen Performance With A Commercial Microwave

It’s time to take your professional Canadian kitchen to the next level by introducing a new food warming equipment to your kitchen arsenal: a commercial microwave oven. Commercial microwave ovens offer a lot of benefits that many people may not be aware of, including saving time and energy while producing higher-quality food than other heating methods. Below are just a few advantages to owning a commercial microwave oven:

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Fresh & Healthy Summer Recipes

With summer-like temps around the corner, more customers will start to flock for those lighter dishes to order off the menu. Summer is a great season because the produce and fruits are fresh and plentiful. With the number of customers and the demand for freshly-made meals increasing, restaurants need reliable kitchen equipment to help them prepare food faster, such as a commercial microwave oven. It makes it easier for any café owner or restaurant to delight their customers. Here are two healthy recipes that are sure to delight and have your guests feeling full! Read More ›